MMM - Day 28

The outfit:  Armadillo Dress + Black Vest

The occasion:  lunch date with Scott where he kindly switched me sandwiches because I liked his better, working 9 to 5

The result:

The reflection:  I made this black vest almost a year and a half ago now, and as I buttoned it up this morning, I realized it's probably one of the better-made pieces I have.  It's lined and the buttons are really even!  I took my time on this one and I think it came out really quality.  I liked this outfit today because of the masculine/feminine dichotomy within it:  menswear-inspired vest and boots versus a slim-fitting dress and lace tights.  Although I can hear my mother's voice in my head now saying, "Valerie, wear some color!"  Sorry, Mom :)

And I still maintain that the sleeves on this dress look like armadillos.


MMM - Day 27

The outfit:  Slouchy Blouse + Avocado Skirt

The occasion:  worrrrrrrrrk

The result:

The reflection:  Ah, two repeated garments again!  I'm sorry!  I promise, the last 4 days of Me-Made-March will all involve one as-yet-unseen item.  Anyway, I'm clearly doing some wishful thinking for some spring weather again with this one.  Unfortunately, we've got possible snow forecast here.  At least tights make everything warm(er)!


MMM - Day 26

The outfit:  Black Roses T + Herringbone Pants

The occasion:  pastry day at work!, mac and cheese for lunch!, Girl Scout cookies!, I love food!

The result:

The reflection:  Another outfit composed of repeat garments - my apologies!  However, turns out, it's one of my favorites from the whole month of Me-Mades!

MMM - Day 25

The outfit:  Black Ponte Knit Dress (new!)

The occasion:  work, Monday Funday

The result:

The reflection:  New dress!  I made this on Sunday, partially while watching one of my all-time favorite movies, The Rocketeer.  It's New Look 6968, and I just made the sleeves 3/4 instead of short.  I've had a dress like this in my head for a long time now - just simple and black, you can wear it with a hundred different cardigans or belts or tights or scarves and it will always look different, plus it's a semi-stretchy knit, so it's comfortable to wear all day long.  You'll probably see this one again in my final 6 days of Me-Made-March!


MMM - Day 22, 23, & 24

The outfit:  Paisley Top + Pink Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  working, picking out new fabric for the boss' office furniture

The result:

The reflection:  I had high hopes for this top when I was making it, but ran into many speed bumps along the way:  it was too big, then too small, didn't have enough matching thread, button conundrums. I should try this one again in a different fabric and see if I can get it better the second time around!  I got two compliments on it within an hour of being at the office though, so I guess the lesson is the end result is all that matters!  Oh, and there's that pink pencil skirt again...

The outfit:  Chambray Addition Shirt + Black Skinny Jeans + Red Infinity Scarf

The occasion:  okay, I actually wore this on Friday night when I went downtown for some Mary/Leigh/Brian time at the Casa de Prepster, but had I gotten dressed on Saturday (that is to say, I did not) I would have worn this again!

The result:
The reflection:  Bummer, all repeat Me-Made-March garments in this outfit!  Sorry this one is nothing new, readers.

The outfit:  Huge Red Shirt + I Dream of Spring Skirt

The occasion:  my first ever viewing of the original Dawn of the Dead, reclining on the couch, various states of lounging, church

The result:
The reflection:  2/3 of this outfit involve an elastic waistband, and the other 1/3 involves a gigantic t-shirt, so I would say for the above-mentioned activities, this was pretty much the perfect ensemble.  Wish I could have worn this skirt with bare legs though!  That will be just a dream until June, it feels like...


MMM - Day 21

The outfit:  Boatneck Striped T + Grey Corduroy Vest + Replacement Pants

The occasion:  being deafened by the fire (false) alarm, wondering if 5:00 would ever come, serious coldness

The result:

The reflection:  Yep, I wore this same shirt a mere four outfits ago, but I had to do some last minute panicked redos of outfits because of how cold it's gotten!  I was fully ready for at least 50 degree weather by the time we reached the end of March, and had planned on wearing some of my more spring-y dresses and tops, but nope.  Not in Mother Nature's plan.  But there IS one thus-far-unseen item today:  my vest!  The funny thing about it is that I burned a huge hole in the lining with my iron after I had finished it, but I still wear it anyway, and the hole is just my little secret...and now yours.

MMM - Day 20

The outfit:  Gingham Button-Up (again!) + Grandma Skirt

The occasion: work, more Girl Scout cookies, more snow

The result:
The reflection:  Feeling a little bit country today, apparently, what with my gingham shirt and my denim skirt!  This is the skirt I made from one of my g-ma's old jumpers, and I love that I get to think of her every time I wear it.  Yee-haw!

P.S. I need it to not be snowing on March 23.


MMM - Day 19

 The outfit:  Avocado Skirt + Charmeuse Floral Tank + Chambray Blazer

The occasion:  work, consuming tons of Girl Scout cookies

The result:

The reflection:  This is a repeat wear of the blazer and the top, but the first appearance for the skirt in Me-Made-March!  Another color that I love to wear - this kind of strange shade of olive green - because it's basically the same color as my eyes.  This is the second skirt I made from the same pattern, and it's a good one.  I've banned myself from making skirts for awhile because I just make them so much, but wearing this today gave me the itch to make another!


MMM - Day 18

The outfit:  Handcrafted Roses T + Pink Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  Oh, you know...SNOW.  Yes, it snowed today.  Uh, hello, first day of spring?!?!?!

The result:

The reflection:  One of  my favorite skirts I've ever made, right up there with the black version of this same pencil skirt, even though I actually don't even like pink!  I wear this thing to death.  As for the T...I wish I could remember where I found the tutorial for these fabric roses, but I have no idea where I got them from.  All I know is I got to use FIRE to keep the edges from fraying, and I was a big fan of that.  I've thrown this T in the washer dozens of times, and these little flowers have really held up.  Too bad it was just a slight bit too cold for short sleeves today!


What Should Have Been MMM - Day 18 & 19

Me-Made-March has been interrupted for a second time!  I did not get dressed one time this weekend, because I spent the majority of it laying in bed or on the couch because of some back problems.  A hurting back is a bummer, but since it left me with plenty of time to read and watch episode after episode of Dawson's Creek, I'm going to call this weekend not a total loss.

My Me-Made-March has now become Me-Made-March-and-Three-Days-of-April.  Sigh.


MMM - Day 17

The outfit:  Boatneck Striped T + Orange Ruffle Skirt + Multi-Chain Necklace (yep, I made that too!)

The occasion:  TGIF!

The result:

The reflection:  I know I've worn this me-made shirt a few times already this month (and I probably will wear it even more - ones of my favorites), but this is the first time for this skirt!  I like orange because I feel like it's a little bit of an underworn color.  Unless you grew up in Stillwater, OK, and went to Oklahoma State University, of course.

On a sidenote...we're just over halfway done with Me-Made March, but I am already reeeeally tired of talking about my clothes!


MMM - Day 16

The outfit:  Polka Dot Top + Black Pencil Skirt + Suspenders

The occasion:  thinking about leprechauns, the slowest day of work of all time

The result:

The reflection:  Whoops, no green today!  And I didn't even get pinched once.  Which is good, because I don't take well to pinching.  The last time I wore this top, I had a lot of problems with the back hook coming undone, but since then, I replaced it with a tiny button and a loop instead and it stayed shut all day!  I think I may want to make more versions of this top, since it has now earned my approval.  And my black pencil skirt - I love you.  You are the foundation of my closet.  


MMM - Day 15

The outfit:  Zigzag Wrap Dress (new!) + Letterman's Sweater

The occasion:  Rainy day, work

The result:
The reflection:  I just made this dress last night!  It's a pattern from the book Chic & Simple Sewing that I got for Christmas.  To be completely honest, it isn't the greatest pattern I've ever used, and I think if I hadn't made this of stretchy, forgiving jersey knit, it would not have fit me properly at all.  Nonetheless, I really like the print on the fabric and I like the dress overall.  I did wear it to work, but I actually don't feel like it was work appropriate...whoops!  This dress will be a go to this summer though - so simple to throw on and go.

Also, we can chalk this day up to one of those times when I accidentally dress like something and don't realize it until I'm actually at work (I've accidentally dressed like Prince [think Purple Rain], a ballerina, and a pirate before...I should start taking pictures).  But with the full skirt of this dress, my letterman's sweater, and my slicked back ponytail...I definitely felt like a sock hop girl today!


MMM - Day 14

The occasion:  Work, babying a sick husband

The result:

The reflection:  Uhhhhh, not one of my all-time best outfits. There are certainly a lot of front ruffles going on.  I had a different outfit planned out for today, but when I put it on, it was not working in a big way.  This is what I improvised.  The good news is, I hadn't planned to wear this dress during Me-Made-March at all, so I'm glad I got to wear more of my self-made items!  And in fact, this is one of my favorite dress patterns.  It's super easy and quick to sew up, was FREE, and always gets compliments.  Over 200 other people have made one as well, with all kinds of variations, and posted them on Burdastyle - go check them out!


MMM - Day 13

The outfit:  Gingham Button-Up + Armadillo Dress

The occasion:  regular ol' work, uncontainable anticipation of the Bachelor finale

The result:

The reflection:  I wish I had worn a little color today, since yesterday was also black-white-grey day...whoops!  I thought this outfit was a little bit better in concept than in execution, but I still liked it.  Also, I was going all the way with the secretary look today - pencil dress, glasses, high bun.  Do you think Brad would have given me the final rose?  :)


MMM - Day 11 & 12

Day 11

The occasion:  chores around the house, a little dueting with the husband

The result:

The reflection:  Man, is this shirt ever wrinkly, but man, I like it so much!  Also, I am sure wearing these jeans a lot...

Day 12

The occasion:  having a lazy Sunday, attempting to go to church and being thwarted by service changes on the 1, groceries!

The result:

The reflection:  This outfit is a combination of two of my favorite garments I've ever made...so I'm going to give it an A+  :)


A sweet celebration with some very good friends. 


MMM - Day 10

The outfit:  Chambray Addiction Shirt + Replacement Pants + Scarf (not made by me)

The occasion:  Turning 26, eating carrot cake with my co-workers

The result:

The reflection:  I am still so in love with these pants.  No credit to me, though - it's just a really awesome pattern.  (Click on the link above to find out info on this pattern from Burdastyle)  Overall, I just felt really great in this outfit - and isn't that how you should feel on your birthday?!

Also, for my birthday, Mallori gave me an award!  (Just kidding, I'm sure she had no idea it was my birthday.  But thanks, Mallori!  I like how our names rhyme!).  I've gotten this award once before, but I thought I would follow the rules of "list 7 facts about yourself" with just a little twist: by listing 7 facts about my birthday instead!

  1. I was born on my great-grandmother's birthday.  She only lived a few more years after I was born and died when I still very young, but I love this connection I have to her.  My grandma e-mailed me today and told me that this would have been Great-Grandma Ruth's 100th birthday!
  2. My birthday is technically during winter, but for at least 20 years of my life, it fell smack dab in the middle of Spring Break.
  3. In regular astrology, I'm a Pisces.  In new, weird astrology, I'm an Aquarius.
  4. I share my birthday with other awesome people like Lisa Loeb, the Madden twins, Thora Birch, and Johnny Knoxville, and also some not very awesome people like Joey Buttafuoco.
  5. Today is also Johnny Appleseed day!
  6. We are 70 days into 2011.  295 to go!  (Thank you, pocket calendar)
  7. Unfortunately, my birthday will also go down in history as the day of the earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunamis.  Let's all remember to pray for their recovery and healing after this devastation.


MMM - Day 9

The outfit:  "1 Hour" Jersey Dress + Chambray Blazer

The occasion:  Wondering if the construction outside my office window will ever end, watching Titanic on ABC Family

The result:

The reflection:  Pattern mixing!  Really only the tiny part of the lining on the cuff of the blazer was visible, but it was still kind of fun.  Sometimes you have to dress fun to make it through the work day, right?  Also, this dress is so comfortable I didn't even change out of it when I got home from work!

And we're finally caught up!  This is really what I wore today.  Whew.  Vacation really puts you behind on blogging.

MMM - Day 8

The outfit:  Gigantic Red T-Shirt + Grey Checkered Dress

The occasion:  Wooooork.  Lots of work.

The result:
The reflection:  I had a hard time figuring out when I was going to wear this top or this dress in the month of March.  Neither one really goes with anything else I have that is "me-made"--or so I thought.  I kind of felt like a genius when I realized I should wear this top over the dress, so then the dress just looked like a skirt!  Everytime I look at this dress I still think that you can totally tell that it's made from fabric that was intended to be part of a quilt, but I'm okay with that.

Side note:  this fat black belt is my favorite belt I've ever owned, bought from an outdoor market in Florence, Italy, in 2007. 

Also, one time I wore this red shirt with this black belt and a pair of grey pants with black boots to work...and I looked just like a pirate.

MMM - Day 7

The outfitSmoking Jacket + Bridesmaid Dress Redo + Herringbone Pants

The occasion:  Digging out from the e-mail avalanche that results from being absent from work for 4 days in a row

The result:

The reflection:  I'm getting worse at taking pictures of myself.  Seriously, what is that face on the left?  Ah, well.  I liked this outfit for it's comfort level - big ol' flowy cardigan and super wide leg pants.  I made cardigans just like this for my mama and seester for Christmas - it's a good pattern and quick to sew up!


MMM - Day 6

The outfit:  Scott's Sweatshirt + Red/Grey Striped Tank + Black Skinny Jeans

The occasion:  more shotgun riding with the soon-to-be-Walkers, 3 flights, home-sweet-home with husband-sweet-husband, collapsing into bed from exhaustion

The result:
This is the face and hair of someone who had been in a car or on a plane for 18 hours in the past two days.

The reflection:  Most important thing while selecting travel clothes?  Comfort.  So since I couldn't wear a muumuu and elastic waist pants, these nice stretchy jeans, knit tank, and warm sweatshirt were basically the perfect travel outfit.  I'm glad I'm at the point where I'm making clothes for all occasions!

MMM - Day 5

The outfit:  Batwing Top + some Gap leggings (remember, in my rules, leggings don't count as having to be Me-Made!)

The occasion:  sitting shotgun on an epic Texas --> Oklahoma drive, visiting my cute freshman cousin at O-State, doing some fittings for a yet-to-be-revealed project (hinted at here), loving being at the Casa de Reeves again

The result:
Fake picture!  Didn't take any real ones in the car.

The reflection:  This still has to be one of my favorite garments I've made thus far.  Plus, I always get compliments on it, so that's fun!

MMM - Day 4 - Double Outfit Day!

The outfit (daytime):  Little House on the Prairie Mini Dress

The occasion:  brunching, investigating JFK's assassination, standing on that Grassy Knoll, almost freezing my legs off

The result:
There I am, on the left!

The reflection:  I made this dress three years ago, back when I first started getting into sewing.  It's not the most fashionable thing in the world, but it's still pretty cute and so comfortable to wear.  I liked it with this bright yellow scarf, although that wasn't nearly enough to keep me warm.  I was in desperate need of some pants!

The outfit (night):  Floral Tank + Black Skinny Jeans

The occasion:  Great White Pizza, movie discussions, having my fate adjusted

The result:
Didn't get a full body photo, so you'll have to trust that I'm wearing the pants :)

The reflection:  Loving this tank!  The fabric feels so silky and rich, and the floral is in right now as well.  It's always fun when you get to wear something new for the first time!


MMM - Day 3

The outfit:  Gingham Button-Up + Paper Bag Waist Shorts (new!)

The occasion:  living it up in the Big D:  the best turkey burger of my entire life, some light shopping (seriously, we all resisted temptation so well!), the Mavericks/Pacers game

The result:

The reflection:  These shorts didn't photograph super well, but in real life, I think they're really cute!  I used a shorts pattern from McCall's, but basically altered everything about it - made it several inches wider so they would be baggy, changed the pockets, added several inches to the bottom so I could cuff them, and then added inches to the top so I could fold it over and add the elastic casing.  Plus a fun little wooden button!  It will still be a few months before it will be warm enough to wear these in NY, but a little wishful thinking never hurt anybody, right?


MMM - Day 2

The outfit:  Roses T + red scarf + altered Old Navy pants
The occasion:  Leaving on a jet plane!
The result:

The reflection:  Yep, I'm catching a flight in just a few hours!  Comfy pants, comfy T, a warm scarf - everything you need for an 8-hour travel day.  Thank you all for all your get well wishes yesterday - I do feel a little better; not 100%, but well enough to get on a plane.  I'm off for a weekend trip with my best girlfriends from college!


We interrupt this Me-Made-March...

to have a sick day!

Yes, I am home from work and in bed with a Miley Cyrus fever (it can't be tamed), a really sore, really raw throat, and what feels like the makings of an ear infection.  It should come as no surprise that I am not getting dressed today.  I'll tack on an extra day at the end of the month, though, to make sure I get in my full 31 days!

The weird thing about this is that 6 months ago when I did Self-Stitched September, I also missed a day due to sickness!  History is really repeating itself.


MMM - Day 1

The outfit:  A sweater from Scott, taken in and made 3/4 length sleeves + Black pencil skirt

The occasion: Work

The result:

The reflection:  I made this skirt last year to be a staple for my wardrobe - and it has been just that!  Everybody needs a black pencil skirt.  You do.  Go get one.  Or just go admire yours hanging in your closet and thank it for its stability, loyalty, and versatility.   As for my top half, I occasionally like the look of wearing a cardigan as your actual shirt rather than as another layer, so I'll thumbs-up myself on that one too.  Thanks, Scott, for donating this one to me!  All in all, I would say a good start to Me-Made-March!