Day 23 - Grey Corduroy Vest! Is it fall yet?

What I made:
Project Runway-inspired vest pattern, Simplicity 2556 (and in fact, this comes from the same pattern as the vest in Day 8!)
Corduroy fabric from Joann.com

When I made it:
March 2010.  Fun fact:  I burnt a whole in the lining while I was ironing the vest after I had finished the whole thing.  But at the point, since I was completely done and basically just too lazy to go back and fix it, I just left it how it was.  So never ask me to see the inside of this vest!  Or maybe DO ask, if you want to see the damage a hot iron can truly do.
The part of the lining that is NOT burned through :)
What I like about it:
I've always dug corduroy, so I loooove that part of it.
I also love the tortoise shell button I used for the front closure.  It's one of those things that I just happened to have lying around in the sewing notions box, and I think it goes perfectly!