Day 29 - Mauve Skirt Repeat + Multi-Chain Necklace!

What I made:
Mauve pencil skirt which you may remember from Day 14
AND the necklace I'm wearing!  I had some chain leftover from a little foray into jewelry making last fall, and I had been seeing necklaces like this and this around, so I decided to make one myself.  Bet you weren't expecting that one, were ya?!

When I made it:
Skirt - earlier this month
Necklace - last night while watching One Tree Hill!  Only took about 30 minutes to string altogether and get it clasped.

What I like about it:
I like the skirt for the same reasons I did before:  color, cut, fit.
I like the necklace even though I'm really not a jewelry person!  I wear pearl earrings everyday and of course my wedding ring, but other than that, you'll hardly ever see me wearing anything else.  So this necklace is like a journey into the unknown for me :)  Also, I like the contrast of the shiny silver with the dull silver and the bronze, and that all three types of chains are a little bit different.  It was kind of fun to make (you get to use TOOLS!) and pretty dang easy too!


  1. A necklace?! HOLLA!
    Only two days left! Well, technically only one but you're being honest abe and adding a day. Such dedication! All your creations have been magnificent. How talented you are Miss. Valerie.

  2. I love the skirt, Valerie. And, unlike you, I love jewelry so I'm crazy about the necklace. hint, hint.