Unexpected Detour

Most people who have talked to me in the last week or two have heard my complain about the weather in some form or another.  I'll complain to anyone who will listen.  I'm tired of the rain, I'm tired of it never hovering around 50 degrees, I'm tired of wearing coats and tights when it is practically May!  My dislike of the weather has really been taking a toll on my mood.  In other words, I've been grumpy.

Last night, however, on my way to UES for my Wednesday night class, a very fortunate series of events led me through Central Park (I planned to take the A to Columbus Circle and get off and walk to the Eastside from there on Central Park South and then up Lex, but instead I missed the A by approximately 2 seconds, so I took the C and got off at 72nd and cut through the park instead.  Did you follow that?).  And on my little jaunt through the Park, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find some incredible views I haven't seen in months, some super green grass, and blossoms on the trees, and finally I was reminded that despite the weather that is driving me crazy, this is why I love this city.
Movie set!  Which, according to this website, was Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.
Spring, have you officially sprung?


  1. it's beautiful! the first photo makes me want to take off my shoes and squish my toes in the green grass. or sleep on a map.

  2. Amazing pictures! I think it's safe to say Spring has officially sprung! I also really want to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, after I read the book of course.
    PS- don't you feel a tiny bit bad complaining about the rain here when OK and TX are experiencing drought-induced wildfires??

  3. ken - map sleeping is the best sleeping.

    mary - yes, now i feel guilty for not liking rain when our fellow oklahomans are suffering. i will take rain over wildfire.

  4. nice pictures, Boodge. Neat plan to miss the A train so you had to walk thru The Park.