Stuff I Like: Somewhat Profound Lyrics in Unexpected Places

I like pop music (in case you haven't heard...my favorite musical group of all time is these guys).  In the last few months, I've noticed a few songs that are disguised as catchy, harmless pop, but have these alarmingly profound lyrics hiding inside!

The song:  "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepson (Everyone's current favorite song that for some reason people are embarrassed to admit? [But guess what, everyone?  Everyone else likes it, too, so really, there's nothing to be ashamed of]).
The Shakespearan-level line:  "Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad."  <--Srsly, y'all.  Before I knew you, before I even was aware of your existence on Planet Earth, there was a void in my life, a hole that I wanted to be filled, something I knew was missing.  When that line isn't embedded in Carly Rae's upbeat bridge, tell me that's not the deepest thing you've ever heard.

The song:  "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson (the girl who can do no wrong)
The Shakespearan-level line:  "Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone."  <--Wow.  The difference between loneliness and alone-ness was one I hadn't really thought about before, but this line is so right.  Loneliness is a sadness, a longing to be with someone else (you know, like maybe that void Carly Rae Jepson used to feel).  But it's more than possible to be alone and feel strong and capable and tall and just good in that alone-ness.  SO PROFOUND.

The song:  "We Found Love" by Rihanna (which I am not posting the real video of, because she is missing one clothing item or another the majority of the time)
The Shakespearan-level line:  "We found love in a hopeless place."  Isn't this pretty much THE MEANING OF LIFE?!  Everywhere we look things seem hopeless, bad things happen, the world seems to have gone crazy, yet we find love and give love and have family and friends and romances and that somehow makes it all worth it.  And a techno dance beat to back us up never hurts either.


Me-Made-May: Days 25-27

Day 25

The outfit:  Seersucker Hazel Dress (New!  I'll tell you about it later) + Smoking Jacket

The occasion:  work, trip to the Bronx to go to Target (always an adventure) because our microwave exploded

Day 26

The outfit:  Stripes Dress-->Tank + Chambray Blazer of Glory + Charlotte Russe Jeans

The occasion:  Mandy Lynn show, yummy noodles, Dawson's Creek mini-marathon, and apparently this is what I look like after a motion-sickness-inducing cab ride home

Day 27

The outfit:  Red Striped Tank + Maxi Dress-->Skirt

The occasion:  church, sewing for a bazillion hours, parental Skyping

The other outfitRed Turban Headband + Husband's Sweatshirt + Chambray Shorts of Summer + Thunder shirt courtesy of Scott's parents!

The other occasion:  Thunder/Mavs game (I'm continuing my bandwagoning in full force), tough loss


Me-Made-May: Days 22-24

Day 22

The outfit:  Floral Scout Tee + Desperately Needed Skirt

The occasion:  work, nothing else I can remember

Day 23

The outfit:  Chambray Addiction Shirt + Zig Zag Wrap Dress

The occasion:  work, thinking it's time to retire this dress, frenzied afternoon
Day 24

The outfit:  Miss Mary Mack Sorbetto Top + Floral Pleated Skirt + I actually wore a cardigan but I was so hot by the time I got home, I couldn't wear it a second longer

The occasion:  work, torrential downpour, mooching off the catered lunch


Our New York: In the Heights

Yesterday while I was taking a walk, I passed a hair salon with a whole group of kids sitting outside talking, a car & limo service across the street, and a bodega that was closing for the night.  I realized all of a sudden that it was like I was walking through the set of In the Heights - which makes perfect sense since that Broadway musical is based entirely on our neighborhood, Washington Heights.  It won 4 Tony Awards in 2008 - pretty impressive!

Although its Broadway run ended last year, we went to see In the Heights with friends back in 2009, and I'm so glad we did.  Our neighborhood has a unique flavor that's enthusiastically captured in this musical, written by a lifelong Washington Heightsian himself.  Check out the set in the video below:  it looks exactly like the streets I walk along every day, and look closely in the background for the GW Bridge that I talk about all the time...

I love this first line:  "Lights up on Washington Heights up!


Dottie Adele: New in the Shop + Facebook!

Two new items in the shop, perfect additions to a breezy summer wardrobe!

First, these printed paper-bag waist shorts!
Comfy, cool, chic...and perfect for dancing, as I'm demonstrating here.  (You might have noticed me wearing these in on Day 19 of Me-Made-May.)  And they have pockets!

Secondly, a colorblock skirt, with a bright pairing of two of the season's best colors:
Lightweight, airy, and really fun to wear!  This skirt has pockets, too!  I know you were wondering.  Trust me, I'll never let you down in the pockets department.

Lastly, also brand new...
Dottie Adele is now on Facebook!  Come "like" the page, if you feel so inclined, and you'll be able to see all the new stuff hot off the sewing machine, get more coupon codes, and, you know, just make me feel popular.

Until next update...thanks for browsing!


Me-Made-May: Days 18-21

Day 18

The outfit:  Peter Pan Collar Blouse + Purple People Eater Skirt

The occasion:  work, accidentally dressing like Peggy Olson, putting on purple for Lupus awareness


Day 19

The outfit:  Paper Bag Waist Shorts + Old Navy tank top

The occasion:  napping, rooftime tanning

The other outfit:  Multi-Chain Necklace + Tiny (No) Pocket Tank + Printed Shorts + Gap cardi

The other occasion:  housewarming party, good friends


Day 20

The outfit:  Tie-Neck T + Scallop Hem Skirt + H&M blazer

The occasion:  working (on a Sunday - boo!) helping at the registration desk for a conference (yay!  fun!  <--not sarcasm)


Day 21

The outfit:  Silk Big Stripe Top (new - I'll tell you about it later!) + J. Crew slacks

The occasion:  work, lots and lots of rain, holding up the wrong number for today - ha!


Can't Live Without...

In case you missed it...

Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus (one of my daily reads) is on a fabulous European vacation, and asked several bloggers for six things they can't live without to post while she's away.

My turn was yesterday!  My list includes a childish breakfast food, a late night tv show, some computer technology, and the greatest diva of all time, so click on over if you would like to see!


Me-Made-May: Days 15-17

 Day 15

The outfit:  Polka Dot Top + Beetlejuice Skirt

The occasion:  work, wishing I could also add some plaid to this ensemble

Day 16

The outfit:  Bigger Top + Pink Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  work, no bangs, cutting out 30 minutes early!

Day 17

The outfit:  Linen Dress (new - will blog about it later!) + Chambray Blazer of Glory

The occasion:  work, dressing in spirit for Rachel's denim-on-denim birthday party (in Denver - sad face!), lots of wrinkling


Stuff I Like: What Our Netflix Recommendations Say About Us

Ah, Netflix. You love to recommend things to us, and you love to recommend them as specifically as possible. Has anyone else noticed this too? Here's what Netflix thinks we should watch lately:

Because we are patriotic and adventurous, but with a serious side.

Because we just love movies about friends, but only if they're weird.

Because imaginative fantasies from our own country just aren't imaginative or fantastical enough.

Because we are geniuses, obviously.  Geniuses who like Downton Abbey and also the universe.

Well, this category is for Scott, not me.  This category terrifies me.

What does Netflix think you want to watch?


Touristing: Brooklyn Museum & Brooklyn Botanical Garden

We don't go out to Brooklyn much, mostly because it's really, really far away from us.  My parents' visit last week was the perfect excuse though!  After an hour on the train, we emerged from the Eastern Parkway stop to the glorious sight of the Brooklyn Museum:
(Also glorious:  ice cream trucks.  To our detriment, we didn't partake!)

The Brooklyn Museum is a huge art museum, displaying works spanning from Ancient Egypt to modern art.  It's a pretty spectacular place!

Here's an interesting one:  a rooftop dropped into the fifth floor rotunda (called The Eastern Oracle: We Will Tear the Roof Off the Mother) that you can climb in and around and on!  We opted for on, of course.  My dad and Scott climbed on it first.  This is when my dad was getting trouble for climbing on the roof holding something in his hand.  Safety hazard!
Then my mom and I climbed up and perched for a while as well.
My favorite part about this museum was just the variety.  Every floor offered something completely different than the previous one.  We had a great time exploring.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is right next door to the Museum, so we popped over there for a stroll as well.  First of all:  it is gigantic.  We walked and walked and walked and never ran out of flowers.  Second of all:  simply beautiful.  I'll let these flowers speak for themselves (and there are also trees and herbs and ponds and shrubs and tons more too!).

And on our way back to Manhattan, we took the walk over Brooklyn Bridge too!  Don't fret though, Brooklyn - we shall return.

When you come visit the city, make sure you take a day for Brooklyn - it has much, much more to offer than even these treasures!