Me-Made-May: Days 1-3

Heeeeere we go with Me-Made-May!

Day 1

The 1st outfit: Could-Have-Been-Perfect Dress

The occasion:  work, desperately needing a haircut, muffin day AND brownie day at work!

The 2nd outfit:  Bridesmaid Redo + Black Pencil Skirt + lace tights that make my legs look hairy

The occasion:  Watching my cousin play at Lincoln Center!

Day 2

The outfit:  Grey Re-done Pants + Tie Neck T + J Crew cardigan (I hadn't planned to wear the cardi, but it didn't even reach 60 degrees!)

The occasion:  work, hair cut desperation reaching code red levels

Day 3

The outfit:  Corduroys of My (Almost) Dreams + Dress-->Tank Redo + Husband's Sweatshirt

The occasion:  Day off!  Chores, errands, and yes, finally, that haircut


  1. if only day 3 said "and meet JILLIAN HARRIS!!!"


  2. it's BACK! me-made-may is off to a great start.

  3. ahhh that mustard color dress is beautiful! since i can't see the imperfections i think it might in fact be the perfect dress :)

  4. Love the dress-to-tank re-do! The print is super awesome. Great outfits!