Corduroys of My (Almost) Dreams

I have been plotting sewing some kind of autumnal-colored corduroy pants for some time now.  I originally thought red, but couldn't find any fabric that was a really bright, vibrant red, so I settled on this sort of maroon color instead.  (Although, Joann.com calls this "biking red"...what is that supposed to mean?  Is this particular shade preferred by bikers somehow?  And does that refer to cyclists or motorcyclists?).  I ordered this fabric months and months ago and I finally scrounged up enough time to finish them! Ta-da!:
To toot my own horn, I think these turned out almost just as I pictured them.  I actually love this color more than I would have a true red, I think.  Yay fall!
I can't give these pants the 100% stamp of approval and call them the cords of my dreams because of one thing:  the rear.  They are a little 1970's mom jeans-ish.  The pockets are too high and I wish the waistband was a little lower.  I tried to move the pockets, but when I ripped out the stitches, they left tiny but obvious holes in the fabric!  So they had to stay where they were.  Unless I wanted lines of tiny holes in the shapes of pockets to be visible on my rear.  Which I did not. 
I love you anyway, Biking Red Cords!

Fabric: from Joann
Pattern:  Burdastyle Narrow Leg Pants 04/2010


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  2. Ho-ly cow. Seriously. You made those?! I made a pair of super wide-legged pants once AGES ago, and they were so cute, but I didn't wash the fabric first. They would've looked awesome on a six year old by the time I was done with them... lol

    Anywho - you are super impressive, lady!

    - Lindsay

  3. This looks so comfy! I love your colored pants! And you shoes are fabulous.


  4. They turned out pretty well I think! I love the color too! I bet they'd look super cute with tall brown boots! Great job! :)

  5. You are so so talented! I want to so badly make myself a pair of bell bottoms that fit my petite frame...because all too often I try them on and if I were to hem them they would then be boot cut..haha. Oh, and I like your necklace! :) -Lo