Me-Made-June: Days 27-29 (only 1 day to go!)

Me-Made-June Day 27

The outfit:  Favorite Top Ever + Giving Up Your Heart Skirt

The occasion:  work, being amazed at just how neon this fabric appears to be in pictures

Me-Made-June Day 28

The outfit:  One Day Top + Redone Grey Pants

The occasion:  work, burning about 35 CDs onto my work computer and rediscovering my childhood love of Garth Brooks

Me-Made-June Day 29

The outfit:  Bridesmaid Dress Redo #1 + Avocado Skirt

The occasion:  getting up 35 minutes late (this is why I pick out my outfits in advance!), work, daydreaming about sewing


Giving Up Your Heart Skirt

Another finished garment!  I've been so prolific lately.  I've made myself a little rule that I can't buy any more new fabric until I've used up all that I have, and my desire for new fabric is really fueling my rush to get projects finished!

This skirt is an idea I've had for a long time.  I knew that I wanted a pretty and unique waistband couple with a double-tiered skirt.  Here's what was born from those two ideas:
Does anybody else feel like it's kind of scandalous that Vanessa is topless?  Maybe I should cover her up next time...

I love how this waistband (along with the extremely bright red color I used) is reminiscent of a heart.  This could be an excellent piece to wear on a very cheesy Valentine's Day date!
Fabric:  Cotton broadcloth from Fabric.com
Pattern:  Simplicity 2512 (waistband only)
Notions:  Another zipper from my Great-Aunt Heidi's stash

Soundtrack:  Adele - "One & Only"  (did you guess it from the name of this skirt?!)


Books I Read in June

Book Club Pick:
One Day by David Nicholls

You may have already caught wind of this book as it has been made into a movie starring Anne Hathway and Jim Sturgess that comes out later this summer that looks like it could be a good one, if you ask me!  Minus Anne's fake British accent.  Anyway, this story follows two friends, Emma and Dexter, over a span of 20 years, checking in on them on July 15th of each of those years.  They are at times friends, at times estranged, at times on the brink of love, and at times right in it.  It's a somewhat light-hearted, somewhat heart-breaking, little romance story.  Did I love it to death?  Yes.  Their story took enough turns that I wasn't expecting to keep me interested, the wit of the dialogue was spot on, and it's written with a certain amount of realness that anyone who has been "just friends" with someone they knew they weren't really "just friends" with can relate to.  Was I also left crying hysterically in my bed at the end?  Yes, I was.  You have been forewarned.

Completely Random for No Reason Whatsoever Pick:
Monster:  The Autobiography of an L.A Gang Member by Sanyika Shakur, AKA Monster Kody Scott

I have absolutely no explanation as to why I read this book except that I bought it at a used book sale at the public library in Conway, Arkansas.  Besides the fact that autobiography/memoirs are my favorite genre of literature anyway, I suppose I was also drawn to this book simply because the author's upbringing and life experiences are completely, utterly opposite from mine (the streets of South Central L.A. versus a small, rural Oklahoma town).  To say this book was violent and disturbing at times would be an understatement, but the author's eventual transformation from gangster into revolutionary is an interesting one.  Also, I'm glad the cover of my book was partially ripped off and I couldn't see that picture on the front, because it scares the bejeezus out of me.
Soon-to-be-a-movie Pick:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling, of course!

This one is obvious, right, people?!?!  In anticipation of the greatest movie of 2011 coming out in (now) 16 days, I just had to re-read this one.  Unfortunately, I read it all in three days (and so did Brittany!) and now I still have the 16 days left to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  I could argue for hours the virtues of the entire Harry Potter series, but if for some reason you haven't read them yet...at least go watch the first seven movies and join the rest of the world for the eighth!  You would not be sorry!  AHHHH ELDER WAND HOGWARTS RON HORCRUX PROTEGO VOLDY DISAPPARATE HARRY DIADEM FORBIDDEN FOREST HERMIONE I AM SO EXCITED!!!!


Me-Made-June: Days 23-26

Me-Made-June Day 23
The occasion:  work, accidental identical dressing with Brittany

Me-Made-June Day 24
The occasion:  TGIF!, being much colder outside than I had anticipated and wishing I was wearing tights

Me-Made-June Day 25
The occasion:  lazy day, treat-of-the-week trip to Wendy's

Me-Made-June Day 26
The occasion:  church, Central Park, Sunday morning movie, sewing


The Americana Dress

On first glance, nothing about this dress really shouts "I love the U.S.A!"  It just looks like a sweet and simple striped summer dress.  And it is.

But if you look a little closer, you'll see that I stitched the hem in red!  Now we've got red, white and blue...

Oh yeah, and the zipper is red too!

It gives this conservative little dress a little bit of an edge, no?  I love how this turned out, and just in time to celebrate our nation's birthday!

Fabric:  cotton, from Fabric.com
Pattern:  New Look 6805
Zipper:  from the stash my Great-Aunt Heidi sent me


Me-Made-June: Days 20-22

Me-Made-June Day 20

The outfit:  Chambray Blazer of Glory + Tiny Pocket Tank 1 + Beetlejuice Skirt

The occasion:  9 to 5, most epic muffin day of all time (I successfully hoarded 6 muffins for the rest of the week!), hair flyaways


Me-Made-June Day 21

The outfit:  Blissful Silence Shirt + Pink Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  the office grind, ballerina bun day, realizing I put the buttons on the other side of this shirt like a man's shirt would be!


Me-Made-June Day 22

The outfit:  Jazz Hands Vest + Floral Tank + Black Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  punching the clock, Oklahoma style humidity


Rocky Mountain High

Last week when I talked about leaving on a jet plane, did anybody wonder my destination?  It was Denver, the Mile-High City!  I went to visit my dear friend Jo who just moved there to start a new job.  
We had a relaxing few days that included...

Spotting the Rockies from afar...through the fog...really, they're out there.
Eating dinner with my cousins, my cousins' kids, and my uncle 
(8 people, 6 of whose names started with J!).
Going to Barnes & Noble and speed reading all these books because we couldn't stand not knowing the secrets!  And now we do!  You can't hide them from us, ABC Family!
PhotobucketCruising downtown Denver.
Eating breakfast for lunch at Camille's (eggs Jennifer = eggs Benedict + avocado)
Watching all these:Photobucket
While eating all this:
Saying farewell to my lovely newly Coloradan hostess :(


Blissful Silence Shirt

A few weeks ago, when I made a couple Sorbetto Tops, I talked about how whatever I was watching or listening to while I make something will always remind me of that garment.  Well, in keeping with that idea, I actually made this entire shirt (in a span of a week or so), without listening or watching anything!  Just a girl and her sewing machine...and her iron...and her scissors...etc.

Therefore, I shall call this the Blissful Silence Shirt.  It doesn't happen very often that I am totally fine without any sort of distracting noise around me, so I relished it this time around.

Fabric & buttons from Fabric.com
Pattern: the same as my Gingham Button-Up, just 5 sizes bigger!  I wanted a looser fit.
Changes:  Enlarged the pocket shape, used two pockets instead of one, used the larger collar shape, elongated it by 5 inches, and omitted the cuffs because I just plan to roll the sleeves up every time I wear it anyway!


Me-Made-June: Days 15-19

Me-Made-June Day 15

The outfit:  Pop It, Lock It, Polka Dot It Top + Avocado Skirt

The occasion:  work, getting a new computer installed, mind being blown by Microsoft Office 2010 (Guys!  At home I have a Mac, but at work we're on Windows, and do any of you use Office 2010?!  This program is crazy!  Everything seems out of place to me and also has gigantic, unnecessary buttons!)

Me-Made-June Day 16

The outfit:  Shades of Grey Checkered Dress

The occasion:  work, muffin day!

Me-Made-June Day 17

The outfit:  Bridesmaid Dress Redo #1 + Herringbone Trousers

The occasion:  work (is this one obvious by now?), torrential downpour with no umbrella

Me-Made-June Day 18

The outfit:  Summer Breeze Dress

The occasion:  we went to the BEACH, y'all!

Me-Made-June Day 19

The occasion:  church, chores, appreciating my dad for being great


The One Week Anniversary of the Time Donnie Wahlberg Ripped His Tank Top Off

It has taken me a week to properly process the event that was the NKOTBSB concert.  Allow me take you through the evening chronologically through pictures and videos.

(If you are only reading this because you are hoping to see a picture of Donnie Wahlberg ripping his tank top in half...I must warn you now that I was in too much of a state of shock to take a picture)

First things first:  who is crazy enough about 90s boys-to-men bands to do this with me?  Why, Brittany of course!

Some girl named Ashlyne was the first opening act.  She was wearing a sparkly leotard with no pants.  I did not take a picture of that train wreck.

I did take a picture of Ms. Jordin Sparks though!  I love seeing American Idol winners live because you know they can sing.  She was so cute and did a really great job!

Then we were subjected to this overly extensive intro.  We get it, guys.  You're calling yourselves NKOTBSB and we know what you look like.  I though my brain was going to explode.  Please note:  I do not claim all of this screaming as my own.  Seriously, some of it was the girls around me.

Then they immediately launched into this epic mash-up of New Kids' "Single," BSB's "The One," and Coldplay's "Viva la Vida."  Everyone was fist pumping.

Stampede of man-banders!
Yeah, we still sell out arenas.  WHAT.
My favorite four dancing to...who knows what.  I had a lot of trouble concentrating/remembering things throughout this show.
This is New Kids, obviously.  My Boys don't wear tank tops.  Or at least that's what I thought until about an hour later.  And yes, this is the tank top that eventually got ripped in half by Donnie Wahlberg.
Nothing says "The Right Stuff" like sychronized walking.
Jonathan Knight has got to be the most calm entertainer on the planet.

More joining of the NKOTB/BSB forces!  Please pay special attention to when Nick and AJ lose their natural minds during the guitar solo starting at 2:42.  And Nick continuing to lose his mind for the remainder of the song.  Also, Brian takes a flying leap off the stage at 3:34.  I was pretty concerned.

You guys have seen these white satin suits before.  It's okay, go rewatch it.  No one will judge you here!

More white suit power ballad goodness:
AJ has a gorgeous solo going on until Nick starts to take off his clothes at 1:51, and then all was lost.

Here's the part where BSB went out into the audience and brought girls up on stage to serenade them with "I'll Never Break Your Heart."  Listen, I can tell you one thing for sure:  If that had been me, you could not have expected me to sit on that stool and behave myself.  Actually, who am I kidding, I probably would have passed out.
The girl Brian picked was hilarious and so cute:  Look at her taking pics of him with her iPhone!  That girl has her priorities straight.

**Sometime in here, it should also be noted, New Kids performed a medley of slow jams, and at the end of "Please Don't Go Girl," Joey McIntyre brought himself to tears.  Dead serious.**

Then NKOTB came back and went out into the audience themselves.  Joey, don't fall!
Costume change!  Now we're repping in black & gold:
Okay, just like I didn't claim all the screaming in the clip earlier, nor do I claim the off-key singing in this one.

Nick is in time-out.  Or just resting?

The classic.

Now here's the real surprise.  Donnie Wahlberg announced that they had a special guest.  Of course, in Brittany and I's fanatic minds, we were thinking, "KEVIN!!!"  Well, it wasn't Kevin, but it was...

Naughty by Nature...?  Hip Hop Hooray!
And look, they wish they could combine their names with NKOTB's too!  Nice try.

This could be a sibling picture taken at the Sears Photo Center.
Everybody on stage again!  Brian looks lonely, and Jordan Knight is getting manhandled.

Time to sing the combo song, "Don't Turn Out the Lights"!

This is where I was wrong:  Backstreet Boys do wear tank tops.  Dang it.
Jumping bow!  So talented, these ones.
And then my camera battery died.  Don't worry for me though, it was basically the end anyway!
If you have made it through this post, I thank you for allowing me to indulge a little.  I know it's a little weird and juvenile of me, but honestly, I cannot hear a Backstreet Boys song without smiling.  They are my Beatles, my Grateful Dead, my Elvis Presley.  I have loved them for 13 years, and hope they keep performing for at least 13 more!