Blissful Silence Shirt

A few weeks ago, when I made a couple Sorbetto Tops, I talked about how whatever I was watching or listening to while I make something will always remind me of that garment.  Well, in keeping with that idea, I actually made this entire shirt (in a span of a week or so), without listening or watching anything!  Just a girl and her sewing machine...and her iron...and her scissors...etc.

Therefore, I shall call this the Blissful Silence Shirt.  It doesn't happen very often that I am totally fine without any sort of distracting noise around me, so I relished it this time around.

Fabric & buttons from Fabric.com
Pattern: the same as my Gingham Button-Up, just 5 sizes bigger!  I wanted a looser fit.
Changes:  Enlarged the pocket shape, used two pockets instead of one, used the larger collar shape, elongated it by 5 inches, and omitted the cuffs because I just plan to roll the sleeves up every time I wear it anyway!


  1. the shirt name is perfect, i love it.

  2. Yay for a yellow shirt! I like that you use yellow. So many people are afraid of the color. It is my favorite color, so I love when people embrace it! :)