Me-Made-June: Days 27-29 (only 1 day to go!)

Me-Made-June Day 27

The outfit:  Favorite Top Ever + Giving Up Your Heart Skirt

The occasion:  work, being amazed at just how neon this fabric appears to be in pictures

Me-Made-June Day 28

The outfit:  One Day Top + Redone Grey Pants

The occasion:  work, burning about 35 CDs onto my work computer and rediscovering my childhood love of Garth Brooks

Me-Made-June Day 29

The outfit:  Bridesmaid Dress Redo #1 + Avocado Skirt

The occasion:  getting up 35 minutes late (this is why I pick out my outfits in advance!), work, daydreaming about sewing


  1. Oh all 3 outfits are so cute! I love that skirts a ton and can't believe you made these!! I would LOVE to get into sewing (and use my sewing machine). Did it take you awhile to get this good!?!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  2. Thank you for your sweet words about Haven! We are having a lot of fun! :) Loving all your me-made-days! And also loving your rediscovery of Garth Brooks... yet ANOTHER music love we have in common. Really wish I could have seen you at Heidi's wedding! Miss you Val!