Me-Made-June: Days 20-22

Me-Made-June Day 20

The outfit:  Chambray Blazer of Glory + Tiny Pocket Tank 1 + Beetlejuice Skirt

The occasion:  9 to 5, most epic muffin day of all time (I successfully hoarded 6 muffins for the rest of the week!), hair flyaways


Me-Made-June Day 21

The outfit:  Blissful Silence Shirt + Pink Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  the office grind, ballerina bun day, realizing I put the buttons on the other side of this shirt like a man's shirt would be!


Me-Made-June Day 22

The outfit:  Jazz Hands Vest + Floral Tank + Black Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  punching the clock, Oklahoma style humidity


  1. Flippin LOVE your Beetlejuice skirt and tiny pocket tank combo - it's just awesome! But I am a little obsessed with stripes...so that might be why!

  2. Love that first outfit soooo much!