Giving Up Your Heart Skirt

Another finished garment!  I've been so prolific lately.  I've made myself a little rule that I can't buy any more new fabric until I've used up all that I have, and my desire for new fabric is really fueling my rush to get projects finished!

This skirt is an idea I've had for a long time.  I knew that I wanted a pretty and unique waistband couple with a double-tiered skirt.  Here's what was born from those two ideas:
Does anybody else feel like it's kind of scandalous that Vanessa is topless?  Maybe I should cover her up next time...

I love how this waistband (along with the extremely bright red color I used) is reminiscent of a heart.  This could be an excellent piece to wear on a very cheesy Valentine's Day date!
Fabric:  Cotton broadcloth from Fabric.com
Pattern:  Simplicity 2512 (waistband only)
Notions:  Another zipper from my Great-Aunt Heidi's stash

Soundtrack:  Adele - "One & Only"  (did you guess it from the name of this skirt?!)


  1. AHH, NEW FAVORITE!!! oh my, I really love this skirt.

  2. it's AMAZING. seriously. wow. I'm pinning it...

  3. Love it, Valerie! Good job . . . . again.

  4. first of all, I LOVE THIS SKIRT. Second, I was thinking, man Vanessa's all nakey....and BOOM there you go posting about how it's scandalous. ha ha

  5. Can I pay you to make these for my bridesmaids?