My name is Valerie, and I love the Backstreet Boys

If you have been paying extremely close attention to my countdowns (and I will forgive you if you haven't), you may have noticed that on Sunday, the time had come for the much anticipated NKOTBSB concert.  As you can imagine, I have too many pictures and videos to go through to decide what to post, and will probably do another entire post later, but for now, allow me to present to you my favorite 3 minutes of the show. 

This song is called "10,000 Promises" and lots of Americans don't know it because it was actually only on one of their European-released CDs.  Which I had mail-ordered to me from Germany when I was in the 8th grade.  That's not important.  What is important is these Boys and their shiny satin white suits and a simply gorgeous power ballad.  Enjoy.

0:04  Brittany's announcement of "I just had a baby" -  a natural reaction any woman might have in the middle of an extremely long set of slow jams.
0:16  Unnecessary dramatics from Nick.  As usual.
0:32  Howie is feeling it, but he's also kind of bored.
1:14  Brian plays a little air violin.  Nice touch.
1:32  Why I love the Backstreet Boys.
1:49  I announce my extreme excitement about a key change.  Seriously, what is that voice?!
2:11  I'm fairly certain Nick just got hit in the face with some flying underwear.  This is important for later.
2:15  Unnecessary dramatics from Nick.
2:30  AJ, you need to throw that sweaty handkerchief about 100 rows farther, please.
2:35  Nick sees the underwear, and proceeds to kick it away from him as if it is a dead animal.  HAHAHAHA.


  1. LUCKY DUCK! I still love Brian- bald spot and all. Wheres Kevin?:-(

  2. Nick wouldn't be Nick anymore if he didn't overemote every song.

  3. it was a pleasure serving side by side with you during this epic moment in time. see you next year (also: tomorrow, and pretty much everyday until the next one).

  4. Oh, Nick. I am so thankful Valerie's hope of marrying you someday did NOT come true. :)