Small Package, Good Things

I got a package in the mail.

Here is what was inside:

Yay for the last three letters!  The first 5 letters I don't really care so much about!

Which I opened to find this:
(Kiddies, this is a CD.  It plays music.  It's what we used to buy before iTunes existed)
Also inside:  a tour poster!  Allow me to point to which show I will be attending.

Also inside, this nice note to the fans:

Oh, but look closer.  What could all that writing be?

Why, it appears to be listing names!   Let's look closer.

And closer still...
Nestled somewhere in between Tom from Iowa, Trickster, and Vikki Marie Marx (um, greatest name ever), I am listed.  I am A FAN THAT IS THANKED.
You are more welcome than you could ever know, BSB.


  1. oh my god. this is funny. i seriously laughed out loud at work.

  2. YES! i hope the tour poster is hanging proudly.

  3. that is the most awesome thing i've seen all day.

  4. You have no idea how jealous I am right now.