Before & After

I've hinted everso slightly on this blog about a huge project I've been working on for the last few months (which I can reveal in just a few weeks' time!).  Well, I finished said project this week (minus one zipper that is coming to me in the mail, which I will immediately attach, and THEN be finished!), and then looked up from my sewing machine and saw this disaster area:

Wow.  A mess this big has to be the sign of some creative genius, right?  I wish I had that kind of excuse.

What's a girl to do except pop in Season 4, Disc 1 of Dawson's Creek and get to work?  That's exactly what I did last night, and after episode 3 (the one where Pacey and Jen get stuck out in a boat during the storm) and episode 4 (Jen's un-birthday party), the room looked like this:

Ah.  Peace has been restored to the sewing space.  Now what can I mess it up with next?  :)

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  1. much better now. G-ma Ruth used to say she made such a mess when sewing, but um, you may have her beat!