Interview with a Seamstress

I have no need to blog today, because Sam already did it for me!  (You might remember when I made her 21st birthday dress a few months back.  So fun!)  Sam willingly and happily took several hours out of her week to e-mail me back and forth about sewing - and let me tell you, I held nothing back.  And then she looked through all my pictures and made pretty collages of me, like this!

I feel famous!
To read her interview with me (of which she did a spectacularly awesome job and in which I talk at extreme length about the whos, whats, whens, wheres, and whys of sewing) click HERE.

Thank you, Sam, for making me feel so absolutely special!


  1. Seriously?! You are the bomb.com

    Getting to pick through your mind+life was such a treat, Val! You were a pleasure to work with. Thank YOU for giving me this opportunity. I hope you know that I loved ever second spent and email sent :) You are an exceptional human being and an amazing friend! I'm semi sad it's over haha.

    PS.. Is it odd to say "thank you" for saying "thank you?" Meh whatev. THANK YOU FOR IT ALL!

  2. LOVED IT! You are gorgeous, especially in that middle picture!

  3. I loved reading this. Tell Sam she did a wonderful job interviewing you!