The Every Rose Skirt

It sure is Monday...

Before 9:00 AM today, I dropped my camera on the ground and got a fatal error message.  Then I got lipstick on my brand new cowl scarf I made over the weekend (of which I would have liked to take some pictures)!  The day can only look up from there, right?!

So my poor little digital camera is down for the count, but I still have a webcam!  Fatal error messages cannot stop me!

This skirt can be henceforth known as my homage to Bret Michaels, who I adore.  I had to endure a few "thorns" this morning, but at least I still have this "rose" of a skirt to wear today!  HA!

Kardashian-sized booty!

(For the threadheads:  Burdastyle's Marie Skirt Pattern - and it's FREE!)


  1. I love your tribute to our man, Bret. So glad he made it through surgery ok! :)

  2. I'm sorry about the rough day..
    However, that skirt may or may not be my favorite skirt you've ever made. That's a bold statement, but it's just because I ADORE this skirt (and daddy Bret)...
    Hope things start looking up for you my gorgeous friend.

  3. Oh no! The camera AND your cowl? What an awful start to the morning, I hope this afternoon is going much much better.

  4. Sorry you had a hard day, but that skirt is adorable!

  5. AHHHHH!!!! I'm kinda obsessed with that skirt. LOVE it.

  6. There are some home remedies that may work to get the lipstick stain off your scarf. Google it . . . though it's probably kinda late now. And another camera bites the dust, huh? Good grief.