How Scott Decorates for Fall

Earlier this week, Scott went to the store one afternoon for me to pick up some things that we needed around the house, since he didn't have class.  After a long, hard day at work, I was pleasantly surprised to come home and find he had picked up a few extra things that weren't on the list (as men are often wont to do):  some festive fall decorations!  A tiny bale of fake hay, a colorful bunch of fake leaves, and two perfect-for-autumn candles, one scented as apple pie, one as pumpkin pie.

So cute, right?  Really gets you in the mood for the coming season.

Scott said later we could get a little pumpkin to put on the hay bale, and I said maybe even a gourd or Indian corn!  Yes, we decided we would get that soon.

Our little fall celebration corner lived on, cheering up the living room.  Until yesterday, when I looked over and I noticed that Scott actually had found something for atop the hay bale.  Not a pumpkin, and not a gourd.  But a human skull.

A little morbid.  Still festive...?  And he did it all on his own.  This is why I love this guy.


SSS: Days 26-28

Self-Stitched September Day 26

The outfit:  Black Ponte Knit Dress + Multi-Chain Necklace

The occasion:  work, itchiness (never making a dress in this fabric again...I was suspicious when I got it so cheap), regular ol' Monday madness


Self-Stitched September Day 27

The outfit:  Slouchy Blouse + Giving Up Your Heart Skirt (similar skirt available in teal and burnt orange in my shop!)

The occasion:  work, being baffled once again at the neon-ness of this skirt in pictures...it does NOT look that bright in real life, too many bobby pins in my bun - ouch!


Self-Stitched September Day 28

The outfit:  Festival "Fringe" Top + Colorblock Skirt

The occasion:  work, deciding it was moccasin season again, epic napping upon arrival at home


SSS: Days 22-25

Self-Stitched September Day 22 

The outfit:  Dolman Sleeve Dress + Border Print Skirt (worn as slip for extra length)

The occasion: work, Thursday Chatter

Self-Stitched September Day 23

The outfit:  Chambray Addiction Shirt + Tulip Skirt in Apple Red

The occasion: work, more side braid!, remembering I owned these shoes, TGIF

Self-Stitched September Day 24

The outfit:  None! 

The occasion:  Wasn't feeling the greatest, so I never got out of bed, and I never got dressed, that's for sure!

Self-Stitched September Day 25

The outfit: Batwing Top + leggings

The occasion:  feeling slightly better, but still not leaving the house, getting everything ready to put up in the shop, Skyping with the parents


Dottie Adele: New in the Shop!

I have four new items in my Etsy shop today!  Three skirts in primary colors, and a dress in a gorgeous green.  I would love for you to click over to find out more about these new pieces, or just check out the shop!  You'll find a variety of handmade women's clothing there, just itching to be paired with tights and scarves for the upcoming fall!
New items in Dottie Adele


SSS: Days 19-21

Self-Stitched September Day 19

The outfit:  Shall We Dance Top + Husband's Cardigan + Grey No-More-Elastic-Waistband Pants*

The occasion:  work, high-fiving myself for successfully growing my hair back out to side braid length, getting the DVR set for all these shows

*So these are actually some pants I got on sale at the UO in Las Vegas while on a trip with this girl a couple years ago.  I love them to death - especially the ankle length and the very high waistband - but they had this weird elastic waistband thing going on.  Yes, I know, I'm a huge fan of elastic waistbands, but not when it's only on the back half of pants, and not if the elastic isn't tight enough to actually hold up.  I ended up taking out the elastic, refitting the pants using some darts, ripping out one side seam, and adding in a side zipper.  Is that enough reconstruction to count as "self-stitched"?  I hope so, because I'm counting it!

Self-Stitched September Day 20

The occasion:  work, recovering from the success of my side braid by not fixing my hair at all, a trip to good ol' trusty Rite Aid (whom you can always trust to be out of dishwashing soap and have an unnecessarily long check-out line)

 Self-Stitched September Day 21

The outfit:  Smoking Jacket + Everywhere Dress (you could get your own in grey and ivory stripes here)

The occasion:  work, being the most comfortable person in the office because I'm wearing an entire outfit of knits, marveling at some people's lack of e-mail etiquette


On Any Given Week This Fall, We'll Be Watching...

   HART OF DIXIE______
            NINE 0210
                      THIRTY ROCK
                           HAPPY ENDINGS
   UP ALL NIGHT____________
           THE SOUP
             MODERN FAMILY
         PRETTY LITTLE LIARS (the halloween special!)
                                 SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

Okay, maybe this is what I watch during any given week (Scott just surfs back and forth between Discovery, History, and NatGeo).  Our DVR is severely overloaded.  Please, let some of these new fall shows end up either being lame or getting canceled, so we can free up a little time!

We just can't help it, we love TV.


SSS: Days 16-18

Self-Stitched September Day 16

The outfit:  Handcrafted Roses T + Replacement Pants

The occasion:  work, nothing else I can remember

Self-Stitched September Day 17

The outfit:  Tiny (No) Pocket Tank 2 + Husband's Sweatshirt + Red Infinity Scarf

The occasion:  wearing leggings as pants (I'm sorry, people, it's just too comfortable), lots of chores, watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Scott's basketball game, early bedtime

Self-Stitched September Day 18

The outfit:  Favorite Top Ever + Yellow Scallop Skirt (New!)

The occasion:  church, Chelsea Market, the Highline, cooking and baking, book club, Emmy's (whew!)

**Loving this new skirt I just made!  The scallops are inspired by my Jolly Holiday Shorts - I just loved the way they looked and knew I wanted to make another garment that incorporated them.  The fabric is a wool suiting - perfect for fall and winter quickly approaching!


SSS: Days 13-15

Self-Stitched September Day 13

The outfit:  Southwest Dress

The occasion:  work, loving the fact that I was wearing flannel at work, zero hair compliments...yikes


Self-Stitched September Day 14

The outfit:  Chambray Blazer of Glory + One Day Top + Orange Ruffle Skirt

The occasion:  work, the last time we'll see 86 degrees in 2011

Self-Stitched September Day 15

The outfit: Armadillo Dress + Multi-Chain Necklace

The occasion:  work, reliving the glory days of All That, spilling a large amount of water down the front of me about five minutes before I left work and having to walk down the sidewalk home half soaked


New England, Again

On our first morning in New England, as I looked out the window of the backseat, I found the way that the sun was coming through the trees to be really beautiful.  So I took a little video.  And then I decided I would take little snippets of videos all throughout the trip, just to see what I came up with.  So, here it is.  It's pretty shaky and it's certainly not professional, but guess what?  It's hard to hold a camera steady while riding a bike and/or walking and/or standing still.  This is what I learned.

Here's our weekend trip in moooooving images, in one minute and twenty seconds.

Made on iMovie - who knew it was so easy?!
Music: "Dusk: A Peach in the Orchard" by The Eels


SSS: Days 9-12

Self-Stitched September Day 9

The occasion:  work, a 5 hour bus ride, two stops at McDonald's in one day!

Self-Stitched September Day 10

The outfit:  Chambray Addiction Shirt (good news:  I cut off the part of the sleeves that were cutting off my armpit circulation!) + Paper Bag Waist Shorts

The occasion:  bike riding the Province Lands, climbing to the top of the Pilgrim Monument, a dinner accompanied with Beatles tunes as sung by an older gentleman with an acoustic guitar and a middle-aged woman who occasionally played a wooden block
Self-Stitched September Day 11

The outfit:  Blissful Silence Shirt + Grey Pants

The occasion:  Newport mansion gazing, Mystic Seaport, train ride home (this is me displaying my train hair...)
Self-Stitched September Day 12

The outfit:  Gingham Button-Up + Black Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  work, errands, setting the DVR for all the new fall shows!


Weekend: Provincetown, Newport, Mystic

A mini-tour of New England with my parents through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.