Polka Squares Blouse

I actually made this little cap-sleeved beauty a few weeks ago, and have worn it twice since then, but just never snapped a pic.  Until now, of course!

I used the same pattern that I drafted myself for my Chambray Addiction Shirt for the basis of this top.  I just cut the front on the fold instead of leaving space for the button placket, and then drafted a new pattern piece for the cap sleeves, which I feel the need to fully disclose to you is actually just a half circle.  Not rocket science here, people.

With a top this simple, the fabric needed to be interesting.  Well, it is!  It has sporadically placed shapes all over it, but they aren't circles like a polka dot....they're squares!
Thus, I present to you: The Polka Squares Blouse. Now it all makes sense, right?


  1. just wanted to say, loving all the creativity!

    keep it up!