VK MADE Quilts: My Newest Endeavor!

Four months ago, I made this baby quilt for AA.  I loved making it; AA loved playing on it; naturally, I felt inspired to make even more.

I had this thought in my head that baby blankets weren't really just for babies.  They're for families.  Blankets go everywhere with babies:  through all the different rooms of the house, while they travel, to the park, to grandparents' and aunts' and uncles' houses.  Not only that, but eventually babies become toddlers, who become kids, who become teenagers.

With that in mind, why not make a quilt that a baby would love--using bold colors and a geometric pattern--but with a modern aesthetic that would fit into a family's living room as part of the decor after baby's gone to bed?  A quilt that could be well-loved throughout a child's life into adulthood, without being covered in cartoon giraffes?

I threw this line of thinking out to my friend Kendra, and she immediately shared my vision, so what else was there to do but partner up?  That's when VK MADE was born!

We designed and brainstormed and sewed and worked for months, and now it's a reality, up on Etsy and out in the world!  Here's our starting line-up of 6 quilts:

The Brighten Up Quilt
The Over/Under Quilt

The New Addition Quilt in Black
The Pixel Quilt
The New Addition Quilt in White
The Confetti Quilt

Kendra and I have had a fantastic time working through all this together and feel like we've created something we are proud to put our names on (or our initials, I guess!).  If you like looking at pretty little quilts, here are all the links where you can stalk us online:

Etsy:  VK MADE
Instagram:  @wearevkmade
Facebook: @vkmadequilts


  1. Just gorgeous you two! Seriously beautiful and best of luck in your new endeavor :)

  2. Okay, I am OBSESSED. Gorgeous!