Dottie Adele: Heart Skirt, Start to Finish

One of my dearest friends, Brittany, is currently earning her master's in Journalism from Columbia University (I mean, could she be any more prestigious?). One of her recent assignments was a photo essay that followed an entire process from start to finish, and she asked if she could photograph me through the step-by-step of sewing a skirt.  Of course, I said yes, as long as we could watch several episodes of Dawson's Creek while we did it.  She said we had a deal.

All the pictures below were taken by Brittany during that afternoon.  Enjoy the behind the scenes of the making of one of the Heart-Shaped Waistband Skirts!
First, the pinning
Next, the cutting
Followed by the interfacing.  This pic is probably my favorite.  You guys know how I feel about our bridge!
Machine time
Never underestimate the necessity of a good pressing
Waistband hanging over Vanessa's shoulder.  Sewing on the pockets!
Vanessa really wears that hat well
The innards!
Final stitches
Finished product!

Thank you, Brittany, for documenting something that is so close to my heart and truly my passion.  I cherish these pics!  (And the time we spent hating on Dawson)


The Case of the Shrinking Chambray Shirt

I was addicted to chambray when I first made this shirt, and now I seem to be addicted to shrinking it down.  It started with elbow length sleeves with tabs, which shrunk to short sleeves, and last night I decided just to chop them off altogether.

Up next:  a crop top, followed by a denim vest, followed by just a chambray bra and the collar. 
(I kid)


Stuff I Like: The Coolest Person to Ever Appear on the Bachelorette

As every episode goes by, this guy gets more awesome, and I almost can't believe that someone as cool as him is on the Bachelorette, the show we all love to hate and hate to love.  Please watch One-F Jef toss his skateboard aside like a renegade as many times as you would like below.  Emily, no one else on your show would reenact their entire relationship with you with puppets as hilariously as this guy did.  Your choice is obvious.  Choose Jef.

Bonus thing I like:  when people are so obsessed with things they make a Tumblr about it.  Thanks to The Bachelorette Gifs for this treasure.

We Have a Boat (!)

...and that is us sailing it!

Let me rewind just a little.  A few weeks ago, we heard from Scott's aunts back in Oklahoma that one of their neighbors had a small sailboat they didn't want anymore, and so they took it off his hands for him!  Scott's parents checked it out for us, cleaned it up, and even went and got a title and license for it in our name, and within just a few days, we were certified SAILBOAT OWNERS!!!

Super lucky for us:  we already had a visit back to OK planned, so we didn't have long to wait before we got to see our new boat firsthand.

Scott got to OK last week, and he and his dad got to work fixing the boat up, naming it ("Young America," after the sailboat Scott and I learned to sail on 3 years ago), and getting the brand new sails ready to go.

Then out to Duncan Lake to stretch her sea legs!
Scott took it out solo style for its maiden voyage (at least as a Bryant boat).  At this point you're probably noticing that this boat is tiny.  Tiny but AWESOME.
I arrived on Friday night, so first thing Saturday morning, back out to the lake so I could get in on the boating fun!  Here I am mostly standing around watching Scott and his dad rig everything up while I am completely unhelpful.
 Suiting up in our life jackets (safety first, everyone!)...
 and there we go!  Just two kids in a tiny sailboat.
We spent a couple hours sailing around the lake (and battling the wind to get back to shore) and the verdict is in:  we absolutely love this boat.  We make a good little sailing team (I'm in charge of the jib, Scott does everything else) and we just really love being out on the water together.  Slightly bummed that Young America has to stay behind in Oklahoma (for now!), but hopefully the next place we move to will have a lake or an ocean nearby and a place for us to keep our boat!  Can't wait!

Thanks so much to Denise and Cass for thinking of us and getting the boat in the first place, and to Scott's parents for helping us so much to get everything we needed for it!
And lastly, here's a picture of us after sailing, slightly sunburned.  But please look past us to the mantle and admire Young Scott's yellow blazer and dashing pose in that framed pic.  I've gotta get myself one of those guys.  :)
Just a couple of sailors.


Stage Debut

My super talented friend Mandy (seriously, she writes the most clever lyrics and has a killer voice) has been bringing friends on stage with her for little duets lately.  Last week, at her show at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, it was my turn!
I want to tell you we tore the house down.  It's about half true:  Mandy was incredible and so cute (as usual), and I was a somewhat timid back-up addition (I'm so not a singer!), but even so, I had an absolute blast.
We picked a song from a totally underrated Disney movie, Hercules(Seriously, the music in that movie is so good, yet not nearly as well-known.  And what about a Hercules ride at Disney World, please?)  I loved how this song sounded as a little acoustic ditty and, thankfully, the crowd (which was much bigger than I imagined it was going to be!) was fun and supportive.

And to jog your memory, here's the Disney one:

Singing on a New York City stage?  Check that one off the bucket list (well, first, I have to add it on there, and then it can be checked off!).  Huge thanks and hugs to Mandy for being so happy and willing to share her stage with little old me!


Girls Trip 2012: Best Yet

For the past four years, my best college girlfriends (you all know Kendra!) and I have gone on what we call the Girls Trip. This year's destination was the Rocky Mountains.  These are my people.  This is what we do.

We walk to dinner, 
and get ice cream as a reward for our extra exercise.
We look cute in our swim get-ups,
and hang out in hot springs,
even when the water is unbelievably, scaldingly hot.
We rent cabins in the mountains
that have the greatest views.
While the rest of us go whitewater rafting, I stay behind because of my stupid back injuries,
explore my own little river route,
leave my temporary mark on the river rocks,
and just look at the sky for awhile.
We harness ourselves up
to, you know, just zipline off some cliffs,
no biggie.
Cause we're boss like that.
Aaaaand we look pretty good in helmets.
We get a little bit confused looking for the trailhead,
but eventually find it.  And are rewarded with even more fantastic views.

To my Girls:  Love you, love us, loved this trip, love that we've made this an annual tradition.

To my other current Colorado bestie, Heidi:  So sorry I was so sick for our day of fun, but I'm glad we made the most of our few hours to party!  EAST COAST GET BACK HERE.


Four Views

In the past week, I've had...

Two days of this view:
Four days of this view:
One day of this view:
And today I'm back to this:

What is it about vacations that my body just can't handle?  Some combination of travel, relaxation, and fun always seems to make me sick.  Today, back to the daily grind, with those glorious mountains as just a memory...


I Could Really Use...

This is currently happening on my side of the bedroom.
about 8 more hours each day.
4 more hands.
another brain.
a few extra closets.
a teleportation device.

If anyone has heard where I can find any of the above, let me know, would you?