Dottie Adele: Heart Skirt, Start to Finish

One of my dearest friends, Brittany, is currently earning her master's in Journalism from Columbia University (I mean, could she be any more prestigious?). One of her recent assignments was a photo essay that followed an entire process from start to finish, and she asked if she could photograph me through the step-by-step of sewing a skirt.  Of course, I said yes, as long as we could watch several episodes of Dawson's Creek while we did it.  She said we had a deal.

All the pictures below were taken by Brittany during that afternoon.  Enjoy the behind the scenes of the making of one of the Heart-Shaped Waistband Skirts!
First, the pinning
Next, the cutting
Followed by the interfacing.  This pic is probably my favorite.  You guys know how I feel about our bridge!
Machine time
Never underestimate the necessity of a good pressing
Waistband hanging over Vanessa's shoulder.  Sewing on the pockets!
Vanessa really wears that hat well
The innards!
Final stitches
Finished product!

Thank you, Brittany, for documenting something that is so close to my heart and truly my passion.  I cherish these pics!  (And the time we spent hating on Dawson)


  1. Brittany - you have my dream degree! and you did a great job documenting the life of the heart-shaped waistband skirt.

  2. Thank you, Kendra! Hanging out with Val, some Dawson's Creek and also finishing an assignment? SIGN.ME.UP.

    Also, Vanessa really does wear that hat well.

  3. Great pics! And I love your view! We live right next to the Hellsgate Bridge-- not a great view, but it's kind of relaxing to hear the train going past when I'm lying in bed at night!