Girls Trip 2012: Best Yet

For the past four years, my best college girlfriends (you all know Kendra!) and I have gone on what we call the Girls Trip. This year's destination was the Rocky Mountains.  These are my people.  This is what we do.

We walk to dinner, 
and get ice cream as a reward for our extra exercise.
We look cute in our swim get-ups,
and hang out in hot springs,
even when the water is unbelievably, scaldingly hot.
We rent cabins in the mountains
that have the greatest views.
While the rest of us go whitewater rafting, I stay behind because of my stupid back injuries,
explore my own little river route,
leave my temporary mark on the river rocks,
and just look at the sky for awhile.
We harness ourselves up
to, you know, just zipline off some cliffs,
no biggie.
Cause we're boss like that.
Aaaaand we look pretty good in helmets.
We get a little bit confused looking for the trailhead,
but eventually find it.  And are rewarded with even more fantastic views.

To my Girls:  Love you, love us, loved this trip, love that we've made this an annual tradition.

To my other current Colorado bestie, Heidi:  So sorry I was so sick for our day of fun, but I'm glad we made the most of our few hours to party!  EAST COAST GET BACK HERE.


  1. this is so fun! i just did this for the first time with my girlfriends last year and i'm really hoping we have time to make it into an annual tradition! it's so hard with everyone's schedules but I love that we can go a year w/o seeing each other and it's totally like picking up where we left off!

    Also, i went white water rafting in costa rica and my raft flipped and i almost died (#exaggeration) so i will never go again! ziplining on the other hand, totally fun!!

  2. Girls trips are essential and always amazing! You all look like you had a blast and incredible weather :)

  3. Aww, what a fun trip! I need to institute a girlfriend trip!!

  4. Looks like so much fun! I love the suit that the gal second from the left is wearing - the black one. Do you know where she got it?

    1. Christina - I got my suit from Old Navy last season. It's actually 2 pieces, but no one can ever tell!