You Don't Want to Wait for Your Life to Be Over...

Ever since Dawson's Creek showed up on Netflix a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to host a mini-marathon of the series.  Now, as a DC-super fanatic (this show defined my adolescence, along with the Backstreet Boy's Millennium CD), of course I already own the entire series on DVD, but I've mysteriously misplaced a few of the key discs, like the one with the series finale on it, for instance.  You can't have a proper DC marathon if you're missing the GREATEST SERIES FINALE OF ALL TIME!

Since Netflix solved my dilemma, I had a group of girlfriends over on Friday night to relive the glory days of movie nights in Dawson's bedroom, Joey glaring at people, Jen's bad attitude/haircuts, and Pacey's general perfection as a human being.  One of the girls that came over had never seen DC before at all (tragedy of tragedies!) and several more needed a refresher, so I created an educational PowerPoint presentation recapping each character's story arc for every season, like so:
We watched one episode from each season, as chosen by yours truly.  I picked them based on how well the episode summed up each season on the whole, especially relationships-wise, important events for each character, and maximum Pacey exposure (though, somehow, one of the girls still preferred Dawson by the time we got to the finale.  What!  Ever after the Spring Break at Aunt Gwen's house episode?!).  If you're interested, they were:
Season 1, Episode 7, "Detention"
Season 2, Episode 16, "Be Careful What You Wish For"
Season 3, 19, "Stolen Kisses"
Season 4, 14, "A Winter's Tale"
Season 5, 19, "100 Light Years From Home"
Season 6, 23/24, "All Good Things...Must Come to an End"

6 hours flew by, we had so much fun, so many laughs, and so many swoons.  It was such a great night!  I've watched this series so many times, these characters feel almost like friends to me (unless that makes me sound crazy...in which case I don't mean it), so it's always nice to go back and reunite!

Bonus:  as we watched, I totally forgot or didn't even make the connections of who some of the guest stars are.  Dawson's Aunt Gwen is now Clare Dunphy on Modern Family, and we were all completely shocked to notice that a doctor in the Season 4 episode was Buster from Arrested Development!!!!  Who would have thought!


  1. i should have had you skype me in for this.


  2. The Character PowerPoint is probably the best thing ever created.

  3. It's so funny that you posted this because I just spent this past weekend having a Dawson's Creek marathon too! It makes me happier than you know that you are a fellow Pacey lover. He is so superior to Dawson it's not even funny. I think I realized this weekend that it all has to do with the "look" that he gives Joey (or really whoever he's in love with at the time). It the look every girl wants to get from a guy! Makes me re-fall in love with him every time. Also, I too was excited to see Buster in season 4. Also, I can't believe I just wrote a paragraph about Dawson's Creek. Yikes...

    1. Oh, you are RIGHT ON with the "look" and his complete, total superiority to Dawson. Sounds like we could have a pretty great marathon if we were watching it together, haha!

  4. One of my favorite conversations with you was when we were discussing Hunger Games for the first time...

    "I have to say I'm a Gale fan.. He's so manly."-- Me.


    ... 2 second pause.

    "I bet you were a Dawson fan too huh......"-- Valerie.


  5. lol omg this is the most terrifying yet awesome thng ever. powerpoints?! lol! i just sent it to my bff on fb and told her we should do this this summer! hahahah amazing