The Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppetational...

To get out and about this weekend, Scott and I headed out to Astoria to the Museum of the Moving Image.

I expected it to be a museum archiving the history of film, which it was, but it also explored the history of all moving images, starting with zoetropes to the very first experiments with film, all the way to television and even video games (in fact, you can PLAY Mario on NES there!!!).  Their special exhibit right now is Jim Henson's Fantastic World, and as a girl who grew up on Fraggle Rock, Muppets, Muppet Babies, and one Little Goldenbook about Bert and Ernie that I was obsessed with, it was amazing.  It was certainly a trek to get out there, but very, very worth it.

Famous make-up and facial prosthetics (Eddie Murphy as Gumby - ha!)

Winona Ryder's prosthetic legs from her hospital scene in Black Swan

 Make-it-yourself Star Trek uniform pattern!
 Obi-Wan, Han, C3PO, Luke, and Leia...all at about 3 inches tall.
 Plethora of movie cameras from the last century
 I am almost embarrassed at the size of our television compared to these guys...almost.
 I found these staircases a little unsettling.
 Mayor Bloomberg as a Muppet!

 A true power couple
 A genuine Cosby sweater, flanked by Annie Hall and the Mrs. Doubtfire bodysuit

And lastly, my one second stop-motion movie I made.  It is literally one second long.  Don't blink.


  1. your movie is SO cute :) and i made sure not to blink!!!

  2. Please make an Annie Hall outfit. I love that.