Closet Inventory

In anticipation of Self-Stitched September (my second go-round!), I took stock of everything I had made that I have in my closet.  I knew that my me-made collection was a little off-balance in a few categories, but had no idea it was off by this much!

Here's the breakdown:

15 dresses
13 skirts
8 tank tops
7 short-sleeved shirts
4 pairs of pants
3 pairs of shorts
2 long-sleeved shirts
2 vests
2 cardigans
2 sweatshirts
1 blazer

THIRTEEN SKIRTS?!  This is bad news, especially considering I just bought fabric for two more.  Whoops!  And as fall approaches, having 8 tank tops versus only 2 long-sleeved shirts aren't going to help much.  This is definitely one of the many pros of these month-long me-made challenges:  you find what's lacking in your closet quickly, and then can work to fix them!

Self-Stitched September started today - here's to the next month of handmade garments!

(And also, I just realized:  Happy blog birthday to me!)


  1. a whole year, already?! so many good things have happened along the way, and to think it all started with this challenge last year! looking forward to more threads this month. and to your creative styling that will turn 13 skirts into a great fall wardrobe!

  2. Congratulations on a year! I also realized I have no handmade pants and very few shirts. This weekend is going to have to be a sewing bonanza...

  3. Happy belated anniversary! Now go make some long-sleeved tops!