Happiness Music

I don't have a particular genre of music I prefer over the other (unless Backstreet Boys music counts as its own genre...). I usually just find myself being attracted to music that makes me feel happy.  Music that is easy to listen to, has lyrics that make you smile, makes it impossible for you to sit still.  I'm a huge fan of nostalgia on top of that, so much of the music from the '60s and '70s appeals to to me, as well as anything modern that emulates that same sound of Motown and doo-wop and pop groups and R&B and soul.  Beyonce's performance a few weeks ago at the VMA's fit the bill of the music I like just perfectly.  With a hint of late Jackson 5, a little Supremes, multiple epic key changes, a whole lot of soul, and moments of pure and obvious joy, this performance led me to buy an album of Beyonce's, something I haven't done since 2001 when I was in a huge Independent Women phase and met Destiny's Child at a restaurant called Crabtown in Oklahoma City (true story).  

Of course, her little "surprise" at the end didn't hurt either.  :)

P.S. Her whole album = divine.

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  1. I may or may not have teared up at the end of her performance during her little 'surprise'. And Jay-Z's + Kayne's reactions were just the icing on the cake! Even though, I'm not a Kayne fan lol...

    (how about Katy Perry's line, "now's a time to interrupt me Kayne!" hahahaha. Love her)