The One Week Anniversary of the Time Donnie Wahlberg Ripped His Tank Top Off

It has taken me a week to properly process the event that was the NKOTBSB concert.  Allow me take you through the evening chronologically through pictures and videos.

(If you are only reading this because you are hoping to see a picture of Donnie Wahlberg ripping his tank top in half...I must warn you now that I was in too much of a state of shock to take a picture)

First things first:  who is crazy enough about 90s boys-to-men bands to do this with me?  Why, Brittany of course!

Some girl named Ashlyne was the first opening act.  She was wearing a sparkly leotard with no pants.  I did not take a picture of that train wreck.

I did take a picture of Ms. Jordin Sparks though!  I love seeing American Idol winners live because you know they can sing.  She was so cute and did a really great job!

Then we were subjected to this overly extensive intro.  We get it, guys.  You're calling yourselves NKOTBSB and we know what you look like.  I though my brain was going to explode.  Please note:  I do not claim all of this screaming as my own.  Seriously, some of it was the girls around me.

Then they immediately launched into this epic mash-up of New Kids' "Single," BSB's "The One," and Coldplay's "Viva la Vida."  Everyone was fist pumping.

Stampede of man-banders!
Yeah, we still sell out arenas.  WHAT.
My favorite four dancing to...who knows what.  I had a lot of trouble concentrating/remembering things throughout this show.
This is New Kids, obviously.  My Boys don't wear tank tops.  Or at least that's what I thought until about an hour later.  And yes, this is the tank top that eventually got ripped in half by Donnie Wahlberg.
Nothing says "The Right Stuff" like sychronized walking.
Jonathan Knight has got to be the most calm entertainer on the planet.

More joining of the NKOTB/BSB forces!  Please pay special attention to when Nick and AJ lose their natural minds during the guitar solo starting at 2:42.  And Nick continuing to lose his mind for the remainder of the song.  Also, Brian takes a flying leap off the stage at 3:34.  I was pretty concerned.

You guys have seen these white satin suits before.  It's okay, go rewatch it.  No one will judge you here!

More white suit power ballad goodness:
AJ has a gorgeous solo going on until Nick starts to take off his clothes at 1:51, and then all was lost.

Here's the part where BSB went out into the audience and brought girls up on stage to serenade them with "I'll Never Break Your Heart."  Listen, I can tell you one thing for sure:  If that had been me, you could not have expected me to sit on that stool and behave myself.  Actually, who am I kidding, I probably would have passed out.
The girl Brian picked was hilarious and so cute:  Look at her taking pics of him with her iPhone!  That girl has her priorities straight.

**Sometime in here, it should also be noted, New Kids performed a medley of slow jams, and at the end of "Please Don't Go Girl," Joey McIntyre brought himself to tears.  Dead serious.**

Then NKOTB came back and went out into the audience themselves.  Joey, don't fall!
Costume change!  Now we're repping in black & gold:
Okay, just like I didn't claim all the screaming in the clip earlier, nor do I claim the off-key singing in this one.

Nick is in time-out.  Or just resting?

The classic.

Now here's the real surprise.  Donnie Wahlberg announced that they had a special guest.  Of course, in Brittany and I's fanatic minds, we were thinking, "KEVIN!!!"  Well, it wasn't Kevin, but it was...

Naughty by Nature...?  Hip Hop Hooray!
And look, they wish they could combine their names with NKOTB's too!  Nice try.

This could be a sibling picture taken at the Sears Photo Center.
Everybody on stage again!  Brian looks lonely, and Jordan Knight is getting manhandled.

Time to sing the combo song, "Don't Turn Out the Lights"!

This is where I was wrong:  Backstreet Boys do wear tank tops.  Dang it.
Jumping bow!  So talented, these ones.
And then my camera battery died.  Don't worry for me though, it was basically the end anyway!
If you have made it through this post, I thank you for allowing me to indulge a little.  I know it's a little weird and juvenile of me, but honestly, I cannot hear a Backstreet Boys song without smiling.  They are my Beatles, my Grateful Dead, my Elvis Presley.  I have loved them for 13 years, and hope they keep performing for at least 13 more!


  1. this post brought back so many memories i didn't even remember having. it was almost like leaving the concert put a memory jinx over all but the most powerful moments (nick kicking underwear, brian, joey crying, nick stripping, brian, flashing lights, jordan singing really high, brian, etc., and so on). HOW WAS THAT ONLY A WEEK AGO?!

  2. aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I'm still on a high!! Nick beat up AJ last night too.

    i. cant. believe. i. saw. BSB. LIVE.