Rocky Mountain High

Last week when I talked about leaving on a jet plane, did anybody wonder my destination?  It was Denver, the Mile-High City!  I went to visit my dear friend Jo who just moved there to start a new job.  
We had a relaxing few days that included...

Spotting the Rockies from afar...through the fog...really, they're out there.
Eating dinner with my cousins, my cousins' kids, and my uncle 
(8 people, 6 of whose names started with J!).
Going to Barnes & Noble and speed reading all these books because we couldn't stand not knowing the secrets!  And now we do!  You can't hide them from us, ABC Family!
PhotobucketCruising downtown Denver.
Eating breakfast for lunch at Camille's (eggs Jennifer = eggs Benedict + avocado)
Watching all these:Photobucket
While eating all this:
Saying farewell to my lovely newly Coloradan hostess :(


  1. I love Denver- so pretty there!

  2. Do I spy pepper jelly on top of cream cheese? Om nom nom. :)