Me-Made-June: Days 15-19

Me-Made-June Day 15

The outfit:  Pop It, Lock It, Polka Dot It Top + Avocado Skirt

The occasion:  work, getting a new computer installed, mind being blown by Microsoft Office 2010 (Guys!  At home I have a Mac, but at work we're on Windows, and do any of you use Office 2010?!  This program is crazy!  Everything seems out of place to me and also has gigantic, unnecessary buttons!)

Me-Made-June Day 16

The outfit:  Shades of Grey Checkered Dress

The occasion:  work, muffin day!

Me-Made-June Day 17

The outfit:  Bridesmaid Dress Redo #1 + Herringbone Trousers

The occasion:  work (is this one obvious by now?), torrential downpour with no umbrella

Me-Made-June Day 18

The outfit:  Summer Breeze Dress

The occasion:  we went to the BEACH, y'all!

Me-Made-June Day 19

The occasion:  church, chores, appreciating my dad for being great


  1. The avocado shade of that skirt has a very late '60s retro feel (my favorite era). Love it! Jealous you went to the beach!!!

  2. love that pic of scott peaking in. actually love it a lot. muahaha

  3. I love that your husband made a sneak peak :)