The Herringbone Pants

I was loving those high-waisted trousers I made a few weeks ago so much I had no choice but to make another pair.  This time I used a brown and ivory herringbone silk/wool blend (which was actually sort of hard to work with - I was surprised!).  And then I wore it with black and white stripes.  Which I'm still not completely sure was the right decision.  Too many neutrals in too many patterns?

Anyway, this is also my favorite hairstyle from the year 2006.  People who knew me back then, look familiar?  It was almost a daily occurrence.  I forgot about how much I loved it until today.

For these pants, to make them a little different than the last ones, I made the waistband about 1/2" thinner and I didn't cuff the bottom (also because I didn't have enough fabric to make the pants long enough to make a cuff at the bottom - it takes like 6 extra inches!).

Ouch,eyeballs!   Excessive varying stripes!

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  1. so pretty. you are super talented:)

  2. I dont think its too much at all, I love the outfit! Great job!


    Idk why I love mixing patterns so much. Probably because you are technically "NOT" supposed to :)
    You look lovely, as always. And you GOTTA teach me how to do that "do". It's hot, yet elegant, yet, mysterious, yet.... ok I'm done. Point is... HOW CAN I GET THAT LOOK?! Maybe a tutorial should be in the future :)

  4. You are so incredibly talented! Wow!
    I wish I could do this because my closet would be as awesome as you are! :)

  5. beautiful pants. try them with red, or gold, or green! sigh----I will forever be trying to get you to wear brighter colors . . . . .