Two Tanks

After one epic failure of a garment over the weekend (seriously, I should have taken pictures, it was so bad.  Completely unwearable), I came back strong and made these two tank tops, each in just a few hours.  Fairly unpractical considering as I write this it is currently 30 degrees, but what can I say?  I have Spring on the brain!

Left:  super easy tank literally made from 6 differently sized rectangles, fabric from leftover lining for my Winter Coat!
Right:  Simplicity 2998, which this dress actually came from as well, red/grey striped knit from Fabric.com

Anybody else anxiously awaiting the days when you can have bare arms again?


  1. I love the flowery one! So pretty!

    Probably you should move to Arizona...we are all bare armed here:-)

  2. Those are both really cute- I can't wait for spring but in Minnesota it sure seems far away :)

  3. Here in New Orleans, that time is now! :) I made a dress out of that fabric on the left, it's pretty.

  4. So jealous of you two who have bare arms already! Molly - do you have a link to the dress you made from that same fabric? I would love to see it!

  5. Val, TRUST ME, you aren't the only one who is dreaming of warmer weather! Although I am glad I will be seeing warmer weather sooner than you will.

    These tanks are gorgeous, along with everything else you do.

    My roommate and I (you can find her at http://katytip.blogspot.com) constantly talk about how talented you are any chance we get. You're semi-famous in Norman! :)

  6. Pretty. And only about two more months until you can wear them! Be bare-armed as often as you can--before you get arm wings like me!