Merchandise of the Month - February

For a resolution of sorts for 2011,  you might remember that I challenged myself to buy only one store-bought item a month for the entire year.  I spent my January purchase on a pair of boots (that still haven't come in yet!).  I'm going to be honest and say I was basically dying for February to get here so I could buy something else.

In a genius move to use my monthly purchase on the most boring garment of all time, I present to you a white v-neck t-shirt:

Hey, it's boring, but a necessity!  My old one was growing holes in inconvenient places and just needed to go.  Thank you, J. Crew, for providing my February Merchandise of the Month!

Until March....oh, that seems so far away...

1 comment:

  1. One month, cute boots. The next month, a white t-shirt. That's funny. Only 27 more days till you can buy something else.