The I Dream of Spring Skirt

Ah, spring.  I'm longing for it.  And in anticipation of its arrival, I had been picturing a cute little lightweight skirt.  So I decided to whip it up!

I dressed it down and I dressed it up:

I stuck my hands in my favorite little pockets:

And I got excited for the possibility of exposed legs on the horizon, just weeks away!

And then I decided that I wanted to share that dream of spring with one of you.  So if you would like an I Dream of Spring Skirt of your very own (because you're itching for 60+ degree weather too!), custom-made to your size, head on over to Love Never Fails, and enter Sam and I's first ever giveaway!!!

Here are the deets of the skirt:
Elastic waist mini skirt with side seam pockets
Blue/yellow chambray (lightweight denim)
"Paper bag" ruffle around waist
Finished with topstitching in yellow


  1. I love your hair like that! And the skirt is fabulous, as always :) I went to Anthro the other day and decided I need to re-create ALL of their skirts...seriously

  2. I entered and I want it! You did a fantastic job!

  3. I'm so excited about this giveaway that it has it's own post (along with another giveaway!)

    you are so talented!


  4. your too sexy for your skirt, too sexy for your skirt, so sexy it hurrrrtsss...


  5. Make me win. Rig it. We wear matching clothes already. We need matching handmade clothes.

  6. I've entered your giveaway on the Love Never Fails blog, but just in case I don't win (fingers crossed I do) do you sell these anywhere???