Patternmaking: First Step to Ruling My Closet

This weekend I began my foray into a brand new world of sewing:  making my own patterns.  From scratch.  And using nothing but the tools below to create a garment that is made specifically for my own body.  (Also:  this is a perfect example of when you will use the math you learned in school in your everyday life.  If in your everyday life you want to make patterns, that is.)

The most important tool in the picture above?  The book of secrets.  Otherwise known as Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified by Cal Patch (she used to design for Urban Outfitters!  And her name is adorable like a bunny rabbit!).  At this point, my pattern has been drawn; the fabric cut and pinned and partially sewn.  All my final garment is lacking is a slew of buttonholes/buttons.  Perhaps I will be showing you tomorrow?  Fingers crossed that it all fits and my middle school math skills held up!

Once I conquer this book...my imagination is running wild with the possibility of being able to make any pattern for any piece of clothing I can dream up...I LOVE SEWING.


  1. ah! this is just too cool, val.

  2. you're gonna make it big some day. (that's if you want to of course)

  3. And I love that you love sewing.