I wanted to do one more little post regarding Me-Me-March before it officially starts tomorrow (woohoo!).  In case I didn't explain this challenge very well, here it is in Zoe's own words, because they are super inspiring:

The purpose of Me-Made-March '11 is to encourage those of us who make and/or refashion clothes to actually wear them in their everyday lives. Rather than spend hours on projects that then languish unworn and unloved in the bottom of a drawer, I believe we should be proud of our achievements and creations. Let's show ourselves, as much as anyone else, that our efforts are more than just a pastime, that we have been slowly developing valueable skills that we can use to actually clothe ourselves, damn it! Let's learn to love our creations, to look past any flaws we can see in them (that probably no-one else would even notice).  Why not take an opportunity to learn about what garments work best for our bodies and lifestyles so we can make more informed choices when sewing/knitting/refashioning etc. in the future?

I took the pledge last week, but I wanted to lay out my rules here a little bit more specifically (because I had to create a lot of loopholes for myself, and I want to reassure myself that I'm not technically cheating!).

This month, I will be wearing things that I have "made" - which includes anything I have made from scratch as well as any garments that I altered (Scott's sweaters, a few pairs of pants).  Basically, anything I've taken a sewing machine to counts!

The following items that I wear will not be self-made:
Tights/Leggings (I wonder how you even make tights?)
Outerwear (that is, coats and/or jackets)
Shoes (again...how do you even make those?  Actually, now I'm kind of interested in finding out...)

Here's to March being a fun, inspirational, slightly self-congratulatory month on my blog!


  1. YAY- I am so excited for tomorrow!

  2. meeeeeeeee toooo!!! you're gonna rock this Val and feel so proud of yourself after you do :)

    i can't wait to see your good!! hahaha. yeah, i went there!

  3. Me Made March! Me Made March! Me Made March!