MMM - Day 1

The outfit:  A sweater from Scott, taken in and made 3/4 length sleeves + Black pencil skirt

The occasion: Work

The result:

The reflection:  I made this skirt last year to be a staple for my wardrobe - and it has been just that!  Everybody needs a black pencil skirt.  You do.  Go get one.  Or just go admire yours hanging in your closet and thank it for its stability, loyalty, and versatility.   As for my top half, I occasionally like the look of wearing a cardigan as your actual shirt rather than as another layer, so I'll thumbs-up myself on that one too.  Thanks, Scott, for donating this one to me!  All in all, I would say a good start to Me-Made-March!


  1. Val--- you are a rockstar.

    Have I told you that lately?!
    Yes, well... You are. Seriously... I can already tell just by day one that you are going to totally blow this me-made-march outta the water!

  2. YAY- Perfect way to start the challenge- LOVE IT! I must disagree with the pencil skirt for everyone, though...those of us with huge hips dont pull it off so well;-( boo.

  3. Good start to your month, Val. I love your skirt, too, and wish I had one.