MMM - Day 14

The occasion:  Work, babying a sick husband

The result:

The reflection:  Uhhhhh, not one of my all-time best outfits. There are certainly a lot of front ruffles going on.  I had a different outfit planned out for today, but when I put it on, it was not working in a big way.  This is what I improvised.  The good news is, I hadn't planned to wear this dress during Me-Made-March at all, so I'm glad I got to wear more of my self-made items!  And in fact, this is one of my favorite dress patterns.  It's super easy and quick to sew up, was FREE, and always gets compliments.  Over 200 other people have made one as well, with all kinds of variations, and posted them on Burdastyle - go check them out!


  1. Your so pretty! I wish I could do what you do!

    And ps...I don't know my math;-)- my birthday isn't until tomorrow! Whoops!

  2. i am rather fond of this color scheme. color block win.

  3. Even your shoes have ruffles! And are very very cute, by the way. I've always loved this dress, and with all the possible variations, you could make so many more!