MMM - Day 18

The outfit:  Handcrafted Roses T + Pink Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  Oh, you know...SNOW.  Yes, it snowed today.  Uh, hello, first day of spring?!?!?!

The result:

The reflection:  One of  my favorite skirts I've ever made, right up there with the black version of this same pencil skirt, even though I actually don't even like pink!  I wear this thing to death.  As for the T...I wish I could remember where I found the tutorial for these fabric roses, but I have no idea where I got them from.  All I know is I got to use FIRE to keep the edges from fraying, and I was a big fan of that.  I've thrown this T in the washer dozens of times, and these little flowers have really held up.  Too bad it was just a slight bit too cold for short sleeves today!


  1. can you please be my stylist?
    and my tailor?
    and all that other good stuff??

  2. hwhat?! it snowed today?? how did i miss this...

  3. maybe it was just because i live in the extreme northern part of manhattan, but it was definitely snowing when i walked to work!

  4. Wow. this one may be my favorite- I love everything about it! I am not a big fan of pink either but you wear it well:-)