MMM - Day 22, 23, & 24

The outfit:  Paisley Top + Pink Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  working, picking out new fabric for the boss' office furniture

The result:

The reflection:  I had high hopes for this top when I was making it, but ran into many speed bumps along the way:  it was too big, then too small, didn't have enough matching thread, button conundrums. I should try this one again in a different fabric and see if I can get it better the second time around!  I got two compliments on it within an hour of being at the office though, so I guess the lesson is the end result is all that matters!  Oh, and there's that pink pencil skirt again...

The outfit:  Chambray Addition Shirt + Black Skinny Jeans + Red Infinity Scarf

The occasion:  okay, I actually wore this on Friday night when I went downtown for some Mary/Leigh/Brian time at the Casa de Prepster, but had I gotten dressed on Saturday (that is to say, I did not) I would have worn this again!

The result:
The reflection:  Bummer, all repeat Me-Made-March garments in this outfit!  Sorry this one is nothing new, readers.

The outfit:  Huge Red Shirt + I Dream of Spring Skirt

The occasion:  my first ever viewing of the original Dawn of the Dead, reclining on the couch, various states of lounging, church

The result:
The reflection:  2/3 of this outfit involve an elastic waistband, and the other 1/3 involves a gigantic t-shirt, so I would say for the above-mentioned activities, this was pretty much the perfect ensemble.  Wish I could have worn this skirt with bare legs though!  That will be just a dream until June, it feels like...


  1. I'm obsessed with the middle outfit but it's hard for me to say the last isn't my favorite because of the skirt that holds such a special place in my heart and my closet :)

  2. I love your oversized shirt in the last outfit. It looks super comfortable!
    And the shirt in your first outfit IS very pretty :)

  3. That first shirt is so cute- it blows me away everytime I remember that you made your outfit!