Mending and Slight Alterations Weekend

I always have a gradually growing pile of clothes that either need mending or alterations of some kind on the back of my sewing chair.  This weekend, I tackled it, and came out with four (semi) new things to wear!

Exhibit A:  Floral ruffled dress from Target, circa 2008.  

The Problem:  There's nothing wrong with this dress, per se, but I just never wear it as it is.  It's one of those things I think I would get much more wear from if it were just a top instead.

The Fix:  Literally just cutting off the bottom ruffle.  

Exhibit A redone:

Exhibit B:  The Dead Flowers Tunic, which you may remember from Day 15 of Self-Stitched September.

The Problem:  Weird gaping around the neckline, probably due to the fact that I made this without a pattern and, well, I don't really know how to do that.

The Fix:  I gathered each strap and sewed the fabric together to create a sort of cinch.

Exhibit B redone:

Exhibit C:  Some black Levi's cropped jeans, circa fall 2009.

The Problem:  Leg openings that are flared an uncomfortable amount.  I mean, really.

Too much flare!
The Fix:  Seam rip both legs open up to the knee, and resew so they are straight legged.  More like a cigarette pant.

Exhibit C redone  (I'm also wearing them in the picture above with both tops):

Exhibit D:  The Backless Summer Dress, as seen on Day 26

The Problem:  Twofold - I didn't like the way the back didn't meet up in a V at the bottom, and the bow was being troublesome whenever I tried to wear this with a cardigan.

The Fix:  Rip that bow right off there.  Then rip out the zipper and take it in about a half-inch on each sides.  

Exhibit D redone:
Perfect V!  Except my back looks insanely wide!
You know what's fun about quick sewing project like this?  If you guessed the phrase "instant gratification," you are correct!  Sometimes it's hard when you only have an hour or less to sew a day and it takes literally an entire week to finish something.  If all you have to do it cut a little bit of fabric to get a brand new shirt, you get to immediately feel like you made something brand new!  Yippee!


  1. I DID guess instant gratification! Lovely job on the alterations - my favorite is the top shirt, I believe. So dang cute!

  2. I thought all of pieces of clothing were okay . . . but then the way you altered them DOES make them much cuter!! You did a good job, as always.