A Sweet Beginning at the Bitter End

On Sunday night, Scott played mandolin for Mandy Lynn during her gig at the Bitter End.  It was their first time performing together that wasn't in someone's living room!

She was adorable and sang beautifully, as usual.  Her songs are so catchy I've started waking up in the morning with them already stuck in my head.  What a talent!

Scott looked cool, and played like a pro.

Scott, the one-man band.  Seriously, someone whose name is Mandy Lynn is just meant to have a mandolin in their band.

And I honestly just liked watching my husband being a rock star.

Sadly, my video keeps showing up with an error when I try to upload it on here, and is too large to post on Shutterfly...so I'll try to wait and see if something gets put on YouTube, and if it does, I'll add a link later!  But trust me, it sounded good :)

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    I wanna rockstar husband too! Does Scott have friends?? I'll take a dentist one too. I'm not picky. Get back to me...

    I just need to move to NYC. That's all there is to it.