Pumpkin Palooza

Spooooooooooooooooky, right?

Last night Scott I took the A train downtown to the Prepster apartment for a little pumpkin-carving, Halloween-treat-eating, Rocky-Horror-Glee-Show-watching extravaganza.

Almost the first thing I saw when I walked on in was Brian sticking the horns on these guys:

DEVIL'd eggs!
I probably laughed way too long and hard about that one, but I love deviled egggs, and I love puns, so needless to say I ate about 8 of these.

Eventually we got down to the carving.  Scott and I had come up with what we thought was a fairly ingenious idea on the subway ride down that was basicallly going to turn out insanely awesome or fall completely flat.  The only way to find out was to get out the knives and start slashing!

And everybody else got down to carving too.

After much sawing and griping and popping out of pumpkin pieces, we finally were able to reveal....


Get it?!  It's like regular jack'o'lantern features, but all messed up like a Picasso!  (Also, 4 of the 9 people at this party have a master's degree in art, so we were sort of playing for the crowd with that one)

And even better news:  we tied for 1st place!  YEAH!  And our prize is a year's subscription to any magazine from Hearst Publishing that we want!!!!  (We'll probably go with Esquire, for Scott)
From the left - Sophie's first pumpkin EVER, Brian's OU pumpkin (boo), Jill's spider pumpkin, Laura's super-evil scary pumpkin, Pumpkasso, Melanie's pumpkin with a bow (that didn't quite get finished)
Halloween is fun :)


  1. PS!!!!!
    Where did you get your top?! I want it (one).

  2. it's from UO, i'm pretty sure! i got it last year sometime. perhaps i should start a line of flannel shirts...? :)

  3. I love this post! Maybe I'm biased, but that was such a fun gathering!

  4. You guys have so much fun all the time. Keep it up!

  5. funny thing about this, I met Brian my sophomore year here! Small world!