From NYC to KC and back

Over the weekend, I went to Kansas City to visit Rach H.!  After a small series of debacles involving plane travel (documented on Friday), I finally touched down around 10:30 PM Friday night.

We caught up on life, ate cookies, took a nice long walk, bought some shoes, saw a movie, ate with her parents, made taquitos, and went to Target (not necessarily in that order).  And also took this picture in a parking lot.

I didn't take a ton of pictures, but I did break out the camera when we went to visit her classroom.

My classroom was a storm shelter too!

She even let me add a real-life example to her "Math in Everyday Life" board.

We also played a little Jenga.  Rach was 3 for 3.  I'll let you decide if I mean she won 3 times or lost 3 times...

Then we met up with my parents on Sunday at IHOP!  PUMPKIN PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!

My parents and I spent the absolutely gorgeous afternoon walking amongst the sculptures at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

And by "walking amongst," I may actually mean "playing amongst"...

Spending time with a best friend AND my parents in good ol' Kansas was a great way to spend a weekend.  Also, why does it get to be 80 degrees in Kansas and only 50 degrees in NY?!

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  1. We sure had a fun 4 hours with you, Valerie. I can still start laughing about our little trip to the bathroom. In fact, I'm laughing right now.