Real People Wearing Dottie Adele

Sometimes I find it a tad bit embarrassing that all the pictures for my shop are just of me modeling the clothes (and I use the term "modeling" pretty loosely).  So I love it when customers send me pics of themselves wearing their Dottie Adele stuff, so I can show you the clothes on people other than myself!

First, here's my friend/co-worker/long-lost twin Brittany rocking a Seersucker Summer Skirt while sipping on some Starby's.  And yes, this is in our office!

And here's Whitney, who has one of the cutest style Tumblrs around, What Whitney Wears, sporting the Paper Bag Waist Shorts.  Spot on styling, wouldn't you say?

Thanks, girls, for being my real-life models!


  1. I will be near you in 1 month. I am ready to model. pleeeease.

  2. I will have your latest and greatest creation pics before you can say holy color blocking.

  3. ps.. these chics look SMASHING!