What Scott Built: Electric Guitar

One day, Scott said, "I want to build a guitar."

So he went online and ordered a guitar kit.

It arrived as a body, a neck (both in unfinished wood), and a whole bunch of tiny silver parts and wires.

He stained it, put all the pieces together, and wired up all the electric stuff.

And now I've been listening to the strains of electric guitar in the late night/early morning.  Music sounds pretty sweet coming from an instrument you built with your own two hands.
I don't mean to brag, but he amazes me.  He just says "I want to build a guitar" and then he does it.  Incredible.

P.S.  In case you're interested, he's also built a bar, a workbench, and a lighting fixture.


  1. that is a fantastic feat! so cool he is so determined, and just does it. i am amazed!

  2. that is very cool! Congrats to him! :)