Viva-ing In Las Vegas: The High Roller

We've spent the last few months watching a gigantic ferris wheeler sloooooowly being built down on the Strip, hoping hoping hoping it would be finished before we move in August.  And it is!  Here's the punnily named High Roller.
It's the largest observation wheel in the WORLD at 550 feet.  I'm a sucker for a great view of a big city, and this is the best way to get it, no doubt.

It took about 30 minutes to go all the way around, and the cabins have windows on all sides so you can walk around and get any view you want.  Up to 40 people can stand in each pod, but there were only about a dozen in ours (maybe because of the time of day we went - Sunday at noon), so there was plenty of space to move all around.
Even AA loved it!  Or at least didn't cry about it (which is basically what we use to judge if he likes something or not at this point).  He seemed so fascinated looking out all the windows and really  seemed to like looking down - I'm guessing he didn't quite understand how high up we were, haha!  Or he just loves heights and we have a dare devil on our hands. 
We decided to ride during the day time so AA could come with us (and also because moms rode free on Mother's Day - YES PLEASE) and we loved being able to see all the way to the mountains, but how breathtaking would this be at night with all the lights?!  Maybe we'll ride again for a little date night.
We highly recommend you put the High Roller high on your list of things to do when you come to Vegas.  It's a welcome break from the busyness of walking along the strip, and so nice to be out in the sunshine with all the views instead of stuck in a smoky casino - for at least a little while!


  1. That looks like a ridiculous amount of fun! We've been on the London Eye, and it was amazing - this would definitely rival it.

  2. Whee! I kinda want to go! Take me next time!