Mother's Day Masterpiece

Is it too much to say that I think Mother's Day (my first as a mama!) was one of the best days of my life?  Because I think it might have been.  Nothing truly spectacular happened, but it was just one the happiest, most fun, love-filled days from start to finish, and I felt so, so, so blessed.

AA and I came downstairs after our morning nursing time to find this spread out on the dining room table:
Oh, how well Scott knows me!!!  We never have been very big on gifts ever since we've been together (we don't exchange for birthdays, anniversaries, or even Christmas!), but he knows that I cherish experiences and memories above all else, so he planned on us having a little family art-making session!  (Also, so much better than if he had just helped AA make something for me on his own and then given it to me...I wanted to see our boy covered in paint!)
We spread out some paper to protect the table, squeezed out a couple puddles of (nontoxic, washable) fingerpaints, and basically just let AA go to town.
It was truly one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life.  He did not understand the concept AT ALL, which was hilarious in itself, and the sheer amount of paint he was eventually covered in and how quickly he became covered in that paint were both pretty incredible.

The aftermath (which could be considered art as well, right?  Just a little abstract):
And here is AA's finished masterpiece and his paint-covered little body:
I told Scott today that this is now my most cherished possession in the entire world.  I will never, ever, ever, ever get rid of this beautiful mess, and I'm so grateful for the memory of its creation!  And of course, for the artist himself, for making me a mother.


  1. How fun! Love this and love that you framed it! :)

  2. I think the butcher paper is totally art too! You should definitely crop it and frame it. I would hang it on my wall! And it would look good with your red coffee table...

  3. Totally awesome, beautiful, precious, cute, and fun! What a great memory. AA looks so sweet all painted up.

  4. this is the best gift ever. how special and memorable! he's quite the artist :)