Vera Aveline Tutorial: Sweet as a Peach Maxi

In an effort to continue making simple, quick-to-construct clothing that will suit this desert climate (we've already hit 100 degrees several days!), this week I took on Madalynne's Vera Aveline tutorial.
This dress is so simple--literally two rectangles of fabric sewn together and attached to straps--and the result is a super flowy, comfortable dress.  My fabric choice made this so light and airy as well (p.s. the print is peaches!).
While this isn't super practical for me right now in terms of my day-to-day, I think this dress is just begging to be worn while lounging poolside this summer, perhaps with some sort of cabana situation involved.  In fact, I already tested that scenario out and am wearing my swimsuit underneath in these pictures - holla!
My favorite feature is probably the t-strap in the back.  I love the way it hangs and the way it splits the shoulders.
Can't get much better than a two-hour make that turns out as floaty as this dress.  If I'm ever pregnant in the summer again, this would also be so fabulous to make again and again and again for every day of the week.
Thank you to Maddie for sharing this tutorial with the internet!  I'm so happy to add this one to my closet!


  1. You look great! I'll be sure to include this in the roundup!