Quilt for a Little One #3

I've been using up all my scraps like crazy making little baby quilts!  Here's a third in the very same design as this quilt and this quilt.
This time, I used scraps from several different places:  all the solid colors are leftover from various versions of Heart-Shaped Waistband Skirts from my Etsy shop; the white print and pale mint stripes are both from my 20-Year Quilt; the border, binding, and back are the spare fabric I had after making this collection of bridesmaid dresses.  What a mash-up!
The most fun detail is that it's quilted in yellow stitching!  Normally I just use off-white, but this whole thing was already so colorful and bright, it seemed only natural to have another happy little color contribution.
 And yes (obviously), this baby is a girl!  Hopefully a future very, very girly girl :)

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  1. Well it came together beautifully! You're so talented and now I want to do something crafty/with my hands. :)